Liver cysts or secondaries?

Hi All

Had BC 9 years ago with 10/12 lymph nodes affected. Been ok till a few months ago when I started to feel unwell - tired, very bloated and tender around liver area, with symptoms like irritable bowel syndrome.

Saw onc who did blood tests and arranged bone scan and CT scan. Bone scan showed a hot spot on one knee which she thinks is arthritis so having an x-ray soon to confirm. Blood tests were ok apart from an elevated white cell count which could be a simple infection. She also said that there was ‘something’ on the liver but thought it is probably a liver cyst so I am having a liver ultrasound soon to see exactly what it is.

Has anyone had experience of liver cysts? I am so worried that it is not a cyst and could be secondary BC…

Hi surrey lady

When I was dx’d about a year ago, my CT scan showed a cyst on my liver. I was very concerned that it was a misdiagnosed met (they did find a bone met), but the radiologist was certain it was a cyst. Apparently they are very common, about 10% of us have one and will never have any problems from it. My onc was confident in their ability to diagnose it from scans. I guess they were right because a year on I have no symptoms of liver problems.

Regarding your knee, I think it is much more likely to be arthritis than bone mets - the knee is not a common area for mets.

finty x

Thankyou Finty for your reassuring reply. I presume from your reply that you don’t get any symptoms at all from your liver cyst?

I hope all is well with your bone met and it is under control.

Surreylady x

Hi - no I don’t get any symptoms at all from the cyst, to be honest I had forgotten about it until I saw our post.

Thanks - all seems to be well with the bone met at the moment. x

Hi Surrey lady,
I too have had liver cysts diagnosed on an ultra sounds scan done to exclude gallstones. That was about 3 years ago, and when I had a further scan last year re other abdominal pain (which turned out to be shingles)they said the cysts were unchanged. Liver function blood tests normal all the way through that and again this year when diagnosed with breast cancer. Hope that helps.

Hi Surrey Lady

I was dx nearly two and a half years ago and I had an ongoing problem with my shoulder. Before I started chemo my onc ordered a CT scan which showed a frozen shoulder but also showed something on my adrenal gland and in my liver. It was recommended that I was referred for another scan after 3 months of chemo.

It was a really worrying time. The follow-up scans showed cysts!

I’ve had no problems since.

My onc said that a lot of people have them but don’t know about it unless they have scans to check for something else. These wonderful machines show things that people wouldn’t know about ordinarily.

Mal x