Liver function

Hi everyone xx

Has anyone on here had a problem with their liver function tests while taking hormone therapy, I started out with Letrozole in July, awful side effects with my hands so in November they changed me to Extremestane and they are still as bad, i recently had two blood tests and liver function has gone down again !

So at this moment in time I feel like chucking it in the bin the Extremestane that is!

I spoke to breast cancer nurse they said about taking Tamoxofen, I’m 58 had grade 2 lumpectomy in May 2017 no lymph nodes involved , followed up with 15 rads.

I go back to my GP tomorrow to discuss options but would love to hear if anyone else has had liver problems on top of everything else!

Thank Judith 


Hi Judeworth,

I’m sorry you haven’t yet received a reply to your post and do hope you get a response soon - hopefully this will help to bump it back up.

All the best with your appointment tomorrow.

Best wishes,

Helena at Breast Cancer Care

Hello Judeworth, I too had WLE, 4 nodes removed (clear) and 15 zaps of radiotheropy in 2015 so have been on Anastrozole for almost 3 years now.  I had a blood test which included liver function last summer and my doc said it had been ‘borderline’ (whatever that means) when I saw him yesterday for a review.  However, it hadn’t been a fasting blood test so I’m having one of the those in a couple of weeks time to get a more accurate result.  My cholesterol will be checked again too as that had gone up.  I like your comment about “on top of everthing else” - my pre-op blood test showed I had an underactive thyroid so been taking Levothyroxine along with the Anastrozole!