Liver, lung & bones diagnosis - please help me ?

Just been told that it’s back. Liver, bones & lung. I have a 4yr old & a 6yr old & I’m terrified… I can’t leave them ?

Di, so sorry you have to post here but welcome…you have come to the right palce for lots of love and support. I have skin, bone and pleural mets so cant really comment on your specific problems but there are lots of ladies on here and lots of threads to help you. We all understand you are terrified and whilst none of us can take those awful feelings away we can listen to your fears and give you hope. Its awful when your children are so young but believe me, it doesnt get easier however old they are. Just remember they wil keep you strong. You dont mention any treatment plan…do you have anything in place yet?

Please keep posting, there is always aomeone here for you. xx

Hi Di

Sorry you’ve had such devastating news. Please don’t panic, there are so many treatments out and I’m sure your team will have a plan. Are you on treatment yet? If not you’ll feel better when it’s sorted.

I have it in my lungs, liver, lymph nodes and bones.I tried a few different hormone tablets before settling on my current regime which is Capecitabine (oral chemo) and Denusomab for my bones.

I won’t lie, my initial prognosis was quite poor (a few months left untreated) but thankfully it’s working and I am nearly 16 months down the line I am still responding well. I know that’s not decades like some of the ladies on here (and there are a few) but it’s much longer than expected and I’m grateful to my ONC and the hospital.

I can’t imagine what it must be like going through this with small children, sending you a big hug and hope you have a good network behind you.




My bc was her2+ so have to have a liver biopsy tomorrow to see if this is the same. If it is I’ll be starting back on 3weekly tax as well as something like herceptin (Can’t remember what it was called) & bone strengtheners etc
I can’t stop crying, everything I do, like putting my little girls hair up for school this morning, just makes me panic about how their dad is going to cope … Then I get hot & really feel like I’m going to pass out … I don’t know how to cope with this ?

Hi Di


i know exactly how you feel, I am so sorry you have had this news.   My sons were 14 and 11 when I was diagnosed, they are now 19 and 16.  I did not respond to the first chemo given on secondary diagnosi_s _however had two good runs on Capecitabine and Taxol (18 and 21 months respectively).  I have lung mets and am still well and active.  My own way of dealing with it is to stay as “normal” as possible.  You will feel better once your treatment plan is in place.  The sister who gave me my chemo for my primary cancer cried when I told her.  Then she told me to get angry and fight.  You will surprise yourself, please don’t panic.  Sending lots of love xxx

Hi di473
I don’t post very often but felt I had to after reading your post . I remember being exactly where you are now . My son was 10
At the time and sometimes i found it hard to look at him without bursting into tears ! But it will get easier , especially when you get a treatment plan in place . I’m 3 years down the line and only on my second hormone therapy. You will find the new "normal " but it does take time . My life is really as it was , I never thought I would reach the stage that cancer would not be the first thing I would think of every time I woke up . Be kind to yourself take care x

Hi my heart goes out to you. You must be terrified with two young daughters to look after. The ladies have already given some good advice and i cant really add to it. I have breast bone sternum and liver mets. My prognosis was 12 - 36 months. Im coming up to 3 years but im still going strong. I remember after the shock set in i got angry
I had 3 daughters and two grandaughters who needed me. The girls lost thier dad suddenly with a brain hemorage in 2007. There was no way i could leave them without me. You will find the strenghth and courage to fight just like most of us on here. State of mind plays a big part in your fight against this bloody disease. Where do you live? You sound like you could do with a buddy who understands what your going through. Maybe your near one of us. This is a great place to get advice support and a verble cuddle. Keep posting as much as you need to. Ask as many questions as you want. There is always someone who knows on here. Sending you a big hug keep strong and keep positive ?



I was told on Friday that I also have liver, lung and bone mets - in a state of shock.  My heart goes out to you, my children are 21 and 24 - it must be so hard when they are so young.  My thoughts are with you xx

Lin 1963