Liver/lung mets - any symptoms??

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Can anyone tell me if there any symptoms for liver or lung mets, or is it a case of only showing up on scans etc…???

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The answer is both I’m affraid. Cancerbacup site lists possible symptoms as does this site. Sorry for being vague but there are many symptoms many of which we never experience.

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I was dx in July with bc and liver mets and had no idea at all - no pains nothing. Would never have known if had not found a lump!

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My understanding is that you are probably unlikely to experience symptoms until mets have progressed quite considerably (I’ve not really had any symptoms from my ‘extensive’ mets in two years). This is dependent, however, on the location of liver mets.


I too was diagnosed with bc & liver mets in July, I had been having “Gallstone like” symptoms for a few weeks. I have had itchy skin too. The liver mets showed up on an ultrasound to diagnose the so called gallstones.

My Mum has bone and liver mets. She has mets after being in remission for 10 years. She discovered a small lump but was reassured that it was nothing by her GP, even a mammogram and scan showed nothing. Six months later she started to feel unwell…sickness in the morning, headaches and lethargy. After removing cells from the original small lump she was confirmed to have cancer again. This prompted bone scans and CT scans and by now the cancer had spread to her liver and bones. She felt unwell as her liver had become enlarged and calcium was leaking into her blood stream.
I would say this is probably an extreme example but confirms that you can feel symptoms of mets in liver if left too late.

Hi Angie

I have bone and liver mets… the bone mets were found first and I had some symptoms which were a bit vague but on my next check up I mentioned them and had a scan at which they found the bone mets I didn’t have any liver mets… however still without any symptoms in the liver area my tumour marker was soaring up into the thousands… so had another scan sure enough there were some spots on the liver… still battling to get them to slow down.

As the others say I don’t think there are any symptoms until the liver gets large and hardens hence a lump?..

Good luck hope you don’t find any.

I felt tired - more tired than usual, but put it down to my age!! I also went off chocolate, which has been a life long love, but after chemo i like it again!!

I have liver and bone mets (the bone mets = pain in collar bone, that got worse over months, but didn’t show anything on xray, so only got bone scan when very painful.