Liver Metastasis with normal liver function results???

Hi ladies 

I’m wondering whether anyone has been diagnosed with liver mets having had normal liver function blood test results? 
I was originally diagnosed stage 3 Lobular in 2008. 16/24 lymph involved … I’m back seeing my oncologist on Monday after pain in liver area … 

many thanks … Bethy xx

Yes I did

so I had an MRI every six months to check.

as LFTs normal



I too have just been diagnosed with multiple lesions on liver a possible couple of spots on ribs 4 weeks ago. All bloods ok, I originally went to a and e for potential blood clot so Ct Scan that’s how it was found, I have no pain nothing. I was originally diagnosed in 2004, so shocked is an understatement. Oncology appointment Monday 25th for way forward as had to have a liver biopsy to determine status with it being so long. I have no answers but looks if we could be on a similar route. Xx hope you are as it’s all such a shock isnt it 

Hi Bethy,

My blood results have always come back with normal liver function levels and my liver mets were found incidentally as part of a routine CT scan around March 2020.  There was never any indication in my bloodwork that there was a problem in the liver area.

Even now, I have little mets that seem to come and go in my liver, and the blood results never show anything but normal levels! 

Sending you both you and Karen big hugs, I can totally relate to how scary it is finding out you have liver mets.  However, as many people on here can tell you, the liver is a very forgiving and clever organ and there are lots of options for treating mets in the liver, so hang in there until you know the results and have a treatment plan in place xxx