Liver Mets and bloating

Hi. I just wondered if anyone who has liver mets has experienced a swollen and bloated abdomen? I know some of the swelling is down to the fact my liver is enlarged but my whole abdomen is very uncomfortable and tight and in turn this is putting pressure on my lower back making that hurt.
I spoke to my oncologist earlier this week and all he could say is that it might take a couple of cycles before I notice a difference. I’m nearly 2 weeks into my first cycle of ribociclib and letrosole.
If anyone else has experienced the same did you find anything to help?
Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi, I’ve been living with bone mets for the past 3 years and was told last week that the cancer has spread to my liver. Like you, I have a very swollen abdomen and discomfort on my right side. It’s all very uncomfortable. Hoping too that there might be someone out there who can offer advice or reassurance that things can improve. Wishing you all the best.x