liver mets and swollen stomach

Hi, have had swollen stomach now for 2/3 weeks, am currenly on capetabine , coming to the end of my fourth cycle . Saw my onc this evening and he is arranging for a ct scan next week.  Have asked him why he thinks the stomach is swollen, but he said he cannot say until scan results are in.  Has anybody had this ?

Hi,I’m sorry,I can’t give any advice. I’ve not had any chemo as yet. But one of the lovely ladies on her may be able to give you some.
Sending you massive hugs,Helen xxxxxx



I am writing this for my mother as she is reading it and too tired to type. She has secondary breast cancer in the stomach and liver mets. She has a very swollen belly for a month now. It is called assceites, which is a build up of the fluid which is normal for this cancer apparently. She has just been in to hospital as the build up went to her lungs and she has pnemonia. She is back home and on the same chemo as you. Feeling very tired with no energy to get out of bed. How are you getting on with the chemo?