Liver mets....or not????

Faith4 Faith4 says on 01 Oct 2009 19:44

Hi. Had mastectomy in June and just finished rads. Had pelvic pain for two months so GP sent me for an ultrasound. Nothing showed up in my pelvis but multiple suspicious areas showed up on my liver. Liver profile blood test normal and no ascites. What the hell???

Have CT scan tomorrow but won’t know anything till end of next week.
If anyone can help me understand this I would be very grateful. Can the blood test be normal but there still be cancer?

What other things could show up as multiple suspicious areas?
If it is mets, it is unusual for it to go straight to liver - thought it went to bones and lungs first.

I still have the pain in my pelvis and constipation and fatigue. Any insights please - I am going out of my head.

Love Finn

Hi Faith

Sorry you have this worry. Did you have chemo, I guess not with the timescale since your mastectomy, therefore I assume your nodes were clear, in which case it seems unlikely you have spread to your liver but I don’t know whether that makes it impossible!

My secondaries are in my liver and there are other ladies on here who have liver meets only, it doesn’t always go to bones first. My onc told me that the liver function tests only show as abnormal when approaching 50% of the liver is affected.

The good news is the areas could be other things, birth marks, fatty liver and cysts come to mind.

If you have a CT scan tomorrow try to get the results at the beginning of next week, they will know as soon as the scan is done, it is bad enough having to wait over the weekend.

Waiting is the worst, hard as it is keep as busy as possible doing things that you have to concentrate on so that your mind doesn’t go into overdrive!

Hope it comes to nothing.


Thank you Fiona. I appreciate your advice. My lymph nodes were clear but i had vascular invasion so there were cells in my blood stream.

Hi Faith4

I was dx with liver & bone mets almost six years ago, and have always had “normal” liver function and blood test results, so yes, these can be misleading. I’m glad you’re having a CT scan, and hope it’s good news, but – as you’re still having pain – I wonder if you should ask for a bone scan, which would give you and your doctor a better picture of your bones. Constipation & fatigue can be symptoms of bone mets, but of course can also just be constipation & fatigue . . . .

And yes, “scanxiety” is truly the pits – hope all goes well for you!

Marilyn x

Hi, I have bone mets but no liver mets. A few years ago I had a liver ultrasound and my kind Onc had arranged for me to receive the results straight after the scan…waiting is awful. Good Luck.

Hi Faith 4
hope your scan results are ok - when i was diagnosed with liver mets - they found it in lymph first … then ones and only thendid they do scan - but i think the scan is the most reliable for daignosis on liver - hope the waiting is bearable for you …jaynex


I am just chiming in as another who was diagnosed with liver mets from the outset, four years ago. Extensive mets, but have always had OK liver function results, except during times of progression (my least favourite word in the dictionary, these days). I hope you CT shows nothing to worry about. Take care, the waiting is the worst part…


Hi. Can anyone help me with this now - had CT scan on Friday and BCN rang today to tell me that the scan has not told them what the suspicious areas are on my liver so I now have to have an MRI.Surely a CT scan would tell them something - they know how to interpret any condition surely - for instance cysts would present differently to mets etc.

Would anyone who had an inconclusive ct scan but went on to have liver mets please let me know how it was finally diagnosed.

I don’t know what to do with myself now as it means another wait…feel really shit.


The thread above relates to someone who had areas show up on their liver on a CT scan but they were ruled out by MRI


After my CT scan showed spots on my liver, I had a ultrasound guided biopsy which confirmed my liver mets.

Hi Faith, I had to have a MRI after my CT as well. My lesions are very small and they wanted a clearer image. They ruled out that they werent cysts from the CT from what I can remember.
I was advised that the lesions where bc after the MRI with a 5-10% they where hemangiomas as the cells look very similar.
I had chemo and the lesions did not change so I am now being treated as if there was no spread as my onc thinks they are probably hemangiomas now.
Are your lesions very small? This might be why they need to do the MRI.
I hope you dont have to wait too long for the results xxx

After a month of scans and worry the MRI confirmed that the lesions on my liver were hemangiomas (4 x 5cm and 3 x 4cm) and a cyst. So why am I not jumping for joy? I feel exhausted and less than impressed with the unnecessary anguish - however, I know I deserve a kick up the arse for being so ungrateful. I know I am luckier than the majority of you on here so I will have a talk with myself tonight. Love to

Great news Finn, I guess the reason you don’t feel elated is that you will be exhausted after living on your nerves for the last month! At least now you can relax.

All the best


Very pleased for you, Faith!