Liver mets - please join in

I have been admitted to hospital with shortness of breath. I’ve had a further 2 litres drained from the right lung. Apparently I had a bad reaction to the pain meds at the weekend and was having hallucinations. I’ve no memory of this happening but managed to seriously frighten my family. I had some sort of seizure and a scan looks like I may have scull mets. They’ve made a change to my pain meds to see if this will help.

I’m new to this forum so firstly hello.
I’ve been experiencing consistent nausea, loss of appetite, tiredness and stomach bloating after eating for 10 days. I am two years exactly since initial diagnosis, chemo, lumpectomy, auxillary clearance in at least 4 nodes, radiotherapy and now 14 months on tamoxifen.
I saw a gp last week who said he thought it was a virus but as the symptoms aren’t going away I’ll have a blood test next week.
I am very worried given my symptoms! Plus I haven’t seen my husband in over 5 weeks as he’s working abroad, so I haven’t told him yet how I’ve been feeling as he’ll be panicking and I’ve been staying at my Mum’s trying to hide how bad I feel as I don’t want to worry her (my Dad died in April).
So any views on how worried I should or shouldn’t be?

Hi Chancer I don’t know how worried you should be but definitely get it checked.
My onc has been to see me and ct scan is showing increase in liver lesions. So looks like taxol isn’t working. She doesn’t think any chemo is going to work. She has suggested another hormonal called Megace. I think this on a nothing to lose basis.

Chancer when I was dx with liver mets last December it came as a total shock, apart from the bone pain I had been feeling reasonably well. I felt tired but i have always suffered with fatigue. I think you should get it checked out but not send yourself mad imagining all sorts. I know that is easier to say than do. Do you have a bc nurse you can discuss it with ?
I really hope it turns out to be nothing more than a virus, but please do speak to someone in your team.

L xx

Hi results are in ultrasound shows suspicious area for metastatic disease, now to get ct

Hi gail5, sorry to hear taxol isn’t working for you. Have you & your onc explored surgical options? It’s rare for bc mets, as they tend to be numerous & spread throughout, but depending on the pattern there may be options. Another contact on here recently had RFA (radio frequency ablation) to stubborn liver mets that didn’t respond to other treatments.
Good luck. Sarah

powerjen hope your ct scan shows nothing
SPO I don’t think I would qualify as my mets are mainly in the lung now


I never asked the details of my liver function tests, got the general message from onc that it was all working ok.  To echo an earlier point on this thread, the liver is amazing at continuing to work efficiently, even after a large chunk has been cut away.  Mine was working normally even with multiple mets, the largest of which was tangerine sized…


Angela (elliedog), good luck with scans on Sat.  You’re doing really well to feel fairly normal, make the most of it and enjoy your sons’ birthdays.   Remember side effects are no indicator of treatment effectiveness!


See the other thread in ‘living with secondary’ I started recently on facebook groups.  I got good responses from a couple of others.



I’m so sorry to read the sad news of Gail.

My sincere condolences to those who loved her.

Rest in Peace Gail…x

I am AKA herbgarden.

So sorry bto heatr the news re Gail. My condolences to her family. RIP. Pamx

So sorry to read about Gail, what a sad day but thank you Val for giving us an update about her family and the funeral. She seemed to have such a tough time with all the treatments so the only consolation is that she is now at peace. My thoughts are with her family and friends.
Nicky x

So sorry to hear the sad news about Gail ,

I have posted on the “Pseudocirrhosis” thread.

Hi Elliedog

Great to hear your positive news and sincerely hope that you are able to stay o P/H for a very long time.


Hi Angela

I’m feeling well thanks (apart from the occasional gastric problem and tender hands/feet) I’m pleased that my tumour markers dropped again when I went for blood tests on Monday so will happily put up with the symptoms if the treatment is having a positive effect. I’m plucking up courage to have more scans probably next month. Hope your results are good when you get them. Hope all the other liver ladies are doing well!
J xx

Hi everyone, I have the news today that I now have liver mets to add to my bone mets. I had a clear CT scan in July, but as my tumour markers were still up my onc ordered another one. Ironically I feel really well! Apparently the mets are small but across the liver. My onc is putting me on taxotare in a couple of weeks and told me that because I am fit and well it puts me in a better position to fight the cancer. I would love hear your experiences of taxotare and liver mets please. I was Dx with primary and secondary 3 years ago and have had EC chemo and lumpectomy/ radiotherapy. I am ER+ her2 neg. I am 58 and wanted to remain a bone mets lady but wasn’t to be :frowning:
I know that many of you are doing well and that there are many good treatments out there. But would love to hear from you xxxxx
Suzanne x

Hello Suzanne, I’m sorry to read your news. I’ve always been told, by one of my Onc’s lovely team, the liver is very treatable and very adaptable. Wishing you all the best with your treatment.

Hello Nicky, I don’t like these new forums, :catmad:  hope Cap’s not causing too many troublesome side effects. Good to hear of your CT results! I expect you may know this already but just in case Vinorelbine is available in tablet form.

Hi all im starting this group now new. It’s a long story but basic question. I know One place I have mets is liver, no symptoms but this week my eyes have quickly gone yellow. My Macmillan nurse said will be jaundice prop a tunour blocking the bile duct. Very silly question but I get married in 3 days…can I not touch alcohol now? Any other info re blocked bile duct gratefully received please hope you’re all coping ok x