Liver Resection

Liver Resection

Liver Resection My first post but here goes…

Hope that someone may be able to give me some information about liver resection. I was diagnosed with breast cancer 4 1/2 years ago and had a mastectomy (and breast reconstruction) and lymph nodes removed, followed by chemotherapy. I found out last week, following some blood tests and then a PET CT scan that I now have a secondary in my liver (quite large - about 5cm). I gather I am quite “lucky” though because it is an isolated secondary and they are hoping therefore that it is operable - I’m going through a number of tests at the moment to confirm that it is and then the liver resection is booked provisionally for July 11th, followed (probably) with chemo.

I would love to hear from anyone who has had a liver resection as I gather it is quite an uncommon treatment for breast secondaries (much more common treatment method for bowel secondaries). Different people have also told me different things about whether it can be viewed as a potential “cure” or whether it should be considered more of a procedure to try and contain the cancer for as long as possible.

The last 10 days or so has been absolutely manic with lots of appointments etc and a real sense of urgency. So I am also now finding it really difficult to sit back and wait for the 4 weeks until the operation. And not knowing that it is definitely operable is also a little stressful!! So any information from anyone who has been through anything similar would be really great.

Thanks …


For Kay Hi Kay

I am sorry to hear of your recent diagnosis. I am sure you will continue to receive lots of helpful advice and support from the other forum users, in addition, you are welcome to contact our freephone helpline on 0808 800 6000 where you are able to talk to someone in confidence about how you are feeling at the moment. The line is open Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm, Saturdays 9am - 2pm

You may also find the breast cancer care fact sheet on secondary breast cancer in the liver helpful. It can be downloaded at the following link:-

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hi kay just to let you know that I had liver ablaition done this week, its a much less invasive form of liver surgery with only a days recovery, I have a tiny bruise and I’m having paracetamole as apain killer. My onologyst was not keen for me to have full liver surgery as it is a very invasive op. A friend that had full liver surgery had a much longer recovery period. Maybe you could ask about this type of liver surgery? I’m under the care of the Royal marsedn in Fulham and had my surgery at the Chelsea and westminster. I have been told that my liver mets are treatable not curable but hopefully can be maintained and treated for years to come (i’ve had them for 2 years already). I would suggest you research and find out as much info about your op as poss.

Wishing you lots of luck
let me know if I can help with any questions you have.
Love Amber xxxx

Thanks Amber Thanks Amber for this information - I’ll certainly ask the liver surgeon about the possibility/advantages of liver ablation. It was also really good to hear from someone who sounds so positive and clearly is “giving it all she has got”!!
I’m being seen by a team in Guildford and the liver surgeon I gather has been offering liver resection for some years as an option for those with just one secondary, providing it is suitably situated within the liver. Mine I gather is well contained within the left lobe so his plan is to take away the left half.
Having read your profile, you clearly have loads of info which I’m sure I would find useful once I know more about the plan following surgery. They are currently testing the original tumour (do they keep them all in jars somewhere???) for HER2 cos my original DX was pre Herceptin days. So I am waiting for those results before I know what they’ll recommend drug wise.

Thanks again, Amber! Love Kay