liver twinges

hi dees anyone get twingeszx in the liver ? not really painfull but on and off throughout the day . not sure if the xeloda or problems starting again .
thanks xxxx

Hi Tracy – sorry to hear that you’re having liver twinges which are worrying you. I’ve have liver (and bone) mets for over 4½ years, and been on Xeloda for most of that time. Weirdly, I’ve had “normal” bloods and LFTs since my mets dx, but I do sometimes get very mild liver-area “twinges” that don’t last very long. Could you contact your Mac nurse to talk about this with her/him?

Hope you’ll be feeling better soon!

Marilyn x

i havent been on xeloda for long and with the pain killers i still get a few twinges throughout the day but im monitoring it and if i need to take extra pain killers i do.
docs have said to take the extra pain killers as and when i need it but i im trying not to rely on it as much but not sure if this is a good thing or i should just take the tablets.

hope you feel better soon too.



Hi Tracey

Sorry to hear you are experiencing twinges. Before I was dx with liver mets in May 2006 I couldn’t eat a lot and felt full all the time, once I was dx and started on Xeloda, my liver started to shrink I started to feel much better. I do not experience twinges sometimes I think my liver feels strange but I think am I imagining it. My blood test show so far that my liver is working normally. I would mention it next time you go to the onc or as Marilyn says contact your Macs nurse. All the best thinking of you.

Hi Hema

I think you should take the painkillers if you need to, we have enough to deal with without pain as well.

All the best Beli x

I think with your pain killers

thanks Beli, your right i should just take the pain killers as i need them, i keep thinking back to ‘if i can cope i’ll be okay’ which is what i was saying to myself before i got worse previously. so i will be taking them now instead of it getting worse.