Is anyone on here from Liverpool? My appointment is at the Linda McCartney centre in Liverpool on Friday and I was just wondering if they give the results the same day. Thanks :slight_smile:


I don’t think they do(but my journey started three years ago) - but I would give them a ring in advance and check - they are always v helpful! - at least you would then know what to expect.

Good luck


When I was daignosed, I had all the tests and results on the same day -this was last year, so hopefully you won’t have to wait.

Good luck,


Hi Sunnygirl
I gather your attending the rapid assessment clinic. They do try and do everything on the same day ie mammogram ultra sound and needle biopsy then you wait for an hour or longer and then they give you results.Obviously, sometimes it goes wrong. There was no one to do the sample test when i went on a Monday afternoon I didnt get thr results from the needle biospy so i had to go back on the Friday to one of the clinics held on the 2nd floor for results. You may need further tests which they cannot do on the day. Obviously you may not need anything other than a mammogram and if everything is ok they will obviously be able to tell you.

Linda Mc Cartney centre is excellent, and all the Breast Consultants are very good. I have had care from 2 of them and have friends who are being looked after by the others and we are all very happy with our care.

Thinking of you and do let us know how you get on i do hope its good news for you but if not we are all here for you. I have received such great help from so many on this site.


Hi Sunnygirl,
I was diagnosed on the 2nd Jan at LMU.I had 2 mammograms,examination,ultrasound/needle biopsy and core biopsy.The surgeon and breast care nurse came to see me 20 minutes later with the results.I can only say that the care I received on that day and every day since at LMU has been wonderful.We are so lucky in Liverpool to have such a wonderful place!
I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you will be ok on Friday and come out of there with the all clear.If you don’t,then you will definitely have the best care.Let us know how you get on.

Thankyou everyone.


Hey Sunnygirl

I’m having treatment at Aintree Hospital so although I can’t comment on the Linda McCartney centre, I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers that friday brings good news.

Kate xx

hi sunnygirl
good luck for friday. hope all goes well for u and come back on and let us know how u get on.

god bless

Hi Sunnygirl

I am from Liverpool but now live in Cumbria so my treatment has been elsewhere.

Just wanted to wish you luck and second what Liverbird said, if it’s bad news, use us, we all need support, and we all are happy to give it too.


Hi Sunnygirl,
How did it go today.Please let us know!

It’s nothing to worry about!! Apparently it’s a nodule / muscular lump. They did a mammogram and a scan and would have drawn fluid but told me that there was nothing to draw fluid from. I burst into tears and apologised because I felt so daft crying at good news!

Hi Sunnygirl,
Oh that’s wonderful news.
Take care,