Living with a Fibroadenoma since 16

Hey guys,
2yrs ago, at 16, i found a lump and was told by my doctor that it was a firoadenoma (think i spelt that right) and he told me it’s not serious at all and i shouldn’t worry as i was young. he suggested i shouldn’t have surgery as it was possible it would disappear by itself. well, 2yrs down the line i still have it and recently it’s been really uncomfortable and i’m considering now to get it removed.
i’ve have different methods to ease the pain but it’s at the point where i just can’t deal with it anymore.
has anyone been in a similar situation at a young age?

also, has anyone had outcomes from taking primrose oil? not sure if this definitely works

Hiya. I have many (20+) fibroadenomas and 2 of them have been there for 14 years. I was 24 when I discovered my first 2 fibroadenomas and only recently at age 37 have I found out I now have all the others. It’s taken time to get used to the idea that I have all of these lumps but the consultant has reassured me that they are of no concern and do not put me at any higher risk of developing breast cancer and so I just keep reminding myself of this. As for the pain, I had been suffering with breast pain which got increasingly worse when I found out I had so many. I realised that the pain was stress/anxiety related (worrying about whether I had cancer) and I have used several techniques to help ease my anxieties such as abdominal breathing, mindfulness and EFT (emotional freedom technique). These have really helped alleviate my anxiety and now the breast pain is minimal which is a massive relief. I started taking evening primrose oil capsules which I’m guessing are also helping so perhaps these will help you too.

Are they following you up at all in the future or do they only want to see you if you find new lumps? My consultant is confident he doesn’t need to follow me up and to only be seen if I develop new lumps. I am making sure I don’t check too often as I found that checking everyday just made my anxiety worse.

Try and trust the word of the experts. I have struggled but I am getting there. If they honestly thought it was a concern, they would be acting on it. Wishing you all the best x x

My doctor said i should return if i’ve found another lump. He also said to me that after 5yrs, i should consider getting it removed? Other then that, he said i shouldn’t worry about my lump and should only return if there was any changes.

I tend to worry more about my lump when it feels bigger and is noticable just before my period. I panic and think it’s got bigger or maybe its much worse then that even though i know its to do with my period, but the same questions are always in the back of my mind (if you understand what i mean lol)

Thanks for your comment, it has helped a lot, wishing you all the best too x