living with secondary breast cancer in liver. given 2 to 4 years to live. My head all over the Place

I was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer on the 5th May 2020 which came as a total shock.
I was diagnosed with breast cancer in December 2015 and February 2016 I had a full mastectomy and was put on Tamoxifen but never received any other treatment and was told after the operation that they had got it all. a year after the mastectomy I had breast reconstruction but I always had problems with the implant and a lot of discomfort then last year the discomfort got worse under my ribs and I told my hospital that I felt uncomfortable with my breast implant and was having pain but I was brushed off. this year I was losing weight and the pain was getting worse so I went to my GP who sent me to my local hospital who ran tests and a biopsy as the found a 5cm lesion on my liver which I have been told is secondary breast cancer the said it is metastatic invasive ductal carcinoma G1 and with treatment I could live 2 to 4 years.
I asked how long is the longest they have known someone to live with this and they said 4 years. I was left completely devastated. I was told that my cancer broke away from the initial site in my breast and went through my blood stream and attached itself to my liver. my New metastatic ER positive /HER2 negative breast cancer. in February when I had all the scans the said that the cancer looked like the liver is the single site of the disease. I am waiting for results of a bone scan and CT scan I had a few days ago and I am praying it comes back clear. they said if it came back clear then they would discuss the possibility of resection of the liver met. but I was left confused as when I said would I have longer to live if the cancer has not spread and you could remove the cancer and part of my liver. they said no still 2 to 4 years. I was left confused and in total shock. then I come across this site that has given me some hope seeing yourself and others liver 17 years and 10 years ect. I do not understand my cancer and have leaning difficulties and struggle to take stuff in. I have been told that my cancer is an oestrogen cancer or it feeds of oestrogen and I have started Palbociclib and Goserelin and Letrozole. I have been advised by my family that I must avoid foods with oestrogen in. but that is hard to do as most foods contain oestrogen. my partner has been making me broths which have pearl barley in it and he has been making me home made sups with veg as the weight has dropped of me as I have lost a stone and a half in 3 months and has bought be loads of ANTIOXIDANT NUT MIX which contain Almonds pumking seeds. cashew nuts and brazil nuts, walnuts coji berries. but I have now been told that pearl barley and the nuts all contain oestrogen and I should avoid nuts pearl barley and wheat and meats and white bread and sweetcorn ect as it helps feed the cancer. I am left terrified what I can eat and what foods I must avoid. my head is all over the place and I am terrified dying and leaving my children as I have 6 kids and my youngest are 13 and 14 and disabled and they need there mum. this site is giving me hope of living longer then the 2 to 4 years I have been told I have. any advise of foods to eat or avoid would be very much appreciated.

Hello kelliebear,

Thank you for your post. We are sorry to read about your diagnosis. Please know that if you ever feel the need to talk to someone who understands, we are always here and happy to talk. In case you have some question for our nurses, please feel free to post a message on the Ask our Nurses board.

I hope that my response will help other members to see your post and share their tips with you.

Sending you our warmest wishes,