Living with triple negative secondery to nodes

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I have just been diagnosed with triple negative secondary to my lymph nodes and I am finding it hard mentally to get my head around it. 

Hi everyone, I’ve just been looking at the comments. 

I was diagnosed in January this year. I have triple negative breast cancer which has spread significantly to my lymph nodes. It’s incurable. I had a clear mammogram March 2018.  

I will have my 6th cycle of FEC next Friday. 

I don’t have the option of surgery or radiotherapy. 

I’m wondering what happens next. We desperately need a break from treatment.

I’ve been ok during treatment with the usual side effects. 

Its totally devastating but we are very positive. I’ve just had a CT scan which shows my cancer is responding to treatment and I will ask to what degree at my next appointment. 

Has anyone got similar experiences to this who can share their experiences ?