lobular breast cancer

hi all im also newly diagnosed with 2nd stage lobular cancer im really quite scared as ive never heard of it before and bits ive being hearing since diagnosis are freaking me out i found my lump about 8. weeks ago after having flare ups of sore boobs and going back and forth to docs after the hard lump appeared i finally had a mammo an us an biopsy ive been told so far my estrogen levels are good and my lump is 11mm in size ive just had an mri ive been told defo a lumpectomy defo radio an cancee drugs for 10 yrs but to have in the back of mind that all this could change depending on mri the waiting is driving me insane i dont want too look anything up as i wud only scare myself even more has any one had this type of cancer with a good outlook after treatment i have a good family net work and they are very supportive im 47 an no signs of premenopause and just dont understand the relation to this cancer and hormones any advice or good news about this cancer would be much appreciated thanks all in advance :heart::heart:

hi Flutter,
Most of us have a bc which is hormone sensitive, in that oestrogen feeds the cancer. It is the most common type. Also most of us have ductal bc, where the cancer arises in the ducts, but I believe lobular cancer, where it arises in the lobules of the breast, is the next most common one. Treatment for both is the same & the outcomes for both are some of the best out there.
I also had an mri scan as there was a query whether my bc was a mixture of both. As lobular bc tends to be more difficult to see on mammo, an mri is also done to make sure the breasts are scanned properly.
I remember the anxiety well! but I found it helpful to remember that the mri is about getting the most accurate diagnosis & the best treatment plan for me.
In hindsight, I was very glad I had the mri as it was reassuring to know that everything was done to get the correct diagnosis.
In my situation, it confirmed there were no further issues & the original treatment plan remained the same ie lumpectomy, radiotherapy & tamoxifen.
This stage is always so difficult, but it does get better when the diagnosis & treatment plan is confirmed. Do look at the main site here which explains about the types of bc & hormone treatment.
ann x

Hi flutter

I had lobular BC. They found one lump and did an MRI to check there wasn’t anything else. Lobular means that it can be present in both breasts. They didn’t find another lump with me and I’m sure its just a precaution with you, but its best they check now. I had lumpectomy, chemo and rads, and still here a year later! I was 49 when diagnosed and premenopausal. This will have a bearing on your hormone therapy, but one step at a time.

The worse part is waiting for test results. You will feel better when you know what your treatment plan will be 

Best wishes x

Hello! I am 42 and was diagnosed in march (I am also not sure if it was ductal or lobular,  don’t really mind as long as they get rid of it!). I had an mri. The ultrasound showed it to be 42mm,  but when you are young it can be quite hard to tell apparently.  When they removed it it was 19mm. Mine is oestrogen positive so I will also have hormone treatment. 

hi all thank you so much for replying i go through stages of panic and doom to i got this sorted if feels such a roller coaster ride im feeling better this morning see how long it lasts lol but they gave me an mri has they said it can sometimes show up larger on a mri or more then one an no i dont no why they staged it at a 2 im waiting for results and to see my treatment plan thank you all again for replying its much appreciated xx

morning annie yes i do feel better this morning and yes like you said i did read something that was all doom and gloom and worse case senario scared me to death has i have 5 children and 3 grandchildren i also own a cake shop but thats on hold for the time being i think il be better when ive actually had an appointment to see what i have actually got and what treatment has the only app ive had is the results and mri and only spoke to a dr once tthank you so much for replying xxx

Hi Flutter. I’m a lobular lady too. Just dropping in to give you some encouragement. I was diagnosed way back in November 2013 with a 37mm invasive lobular cancer with a few stray single cells in one of two nodes removed. I had chemo then 15 rounds of rads with 3 booster sessions added on at the end. I’m doing well and no longer think of cancer on a daily basis, I’m too busy enjoying life ?? I don’t often visit this site any more, but used it all through my treatment and found it an absolute godsend. Stick here and vent, cry and laugh with people who are going through the same or similar experiences to yourself. It certainly did me a power of good. All the best to you and all the other ladies who find themselves in our situation. Take care. Ann X X X 

hi weeannie fellow lobular go you for beating it an carrying on with your life im sure i will once ive been given my final diagnosis stage 2 at the min just had mri and im hoping there not far off there initial diagnosis im booked in fri the 30th for results and treatment plan spoke to my nurse today who was lovely may i add if you dont mind me asking do all lobular have chemo as im hearing diff treatments and did your breast change shape after the biopsy while ive been waiting for mri and results ive noticed the aerola as changed and is now going inwards and my nipple is moving to the middle of my chest just worrying me a little as it wasnt there before biopsy an seems to have swelled more and thank you so much for the positive outlook comments and advice its greatly appreciated xxx

Not all lobular ladies require chemo, but many of us have it because lobular is quite difficult to see on mammo meaning they tend to be larger than ducal tumours on diagnosis. It all depends on size and whether there are any cells found in your sentenal node biopsy. When the biopsies are being taken, the surrounding tissue will react and swell, so the symptoms and discomfort you’re feeling at the moment are most probably attributed to that. But if you’re at all concerned, get in contact with your BCN. She should be able to see you and give you advice. We all think terrible thoughts on diagnosis. I remember having a sore toe and thinking it had spread to there!! It’s all perfectly natural to worry, that’s why it’s so good to be able to come on here or the McMillan website for information and support. Stay off Mr Google because a lot of what’s there is either out of date or never been scientifically verified. Most of all, be kind to yourself and take time to look after yourself. Ann X X 

Hi Flutter,


I have only just been diagnosed with lobular grade 3 agressive cancer and feel just like you do. I need all the support I can get as feel so frightened. Have to have lymph nodes removed for testing before I undergo a mastectomy. Haven’t been offered an MRI just had 3 biopsies on the lump I found and mamogram and scans. I can’t believe this has happened it is such a shock and hit me so bad. Wish I had a sister I could confide in but at least I have a neighbour that has already gone through this so she will be there to help me. I just want this thing gone out of me so I can stop worrying and get on with my life again. It has taken over my life and feel so scared.  Its good to have this site to talk to other ladies who are going through the same as me. Sending hugs x

hi Neetie so sorry you have had to join us and we all feel your pain and fear we have all been there its such a hard thing to come to terms with i havent had my mri results yet i have to go back fri 30th for the final results which im dreading going in there but have come to terms with what i have in the last few days as theres not much else i can do as worrying isnt getting me anywere i hope you can find some peace of mind while your waiting for the next step or treatments theres lots of people who have gone on to have a happy and long life after breast cancer Neetie the treatments out there today are amazing i kept myself busy by decorating my kitchen on a budget its kept my mind occupied and filled most my day up im also addicted to homeland a tv series anytime you want to talk come on here and let it out theres always someone to chat with i felt it a great comfort much love Neetie xx

Thankyou so must Flutter, it’s so comforting to speak to other ladies that do understand. I don’t have a sister who I can talk to and my sister in law is miles away and I don’t think she understands either. My husband is really good but sometimes you just need that female connection that has already been through what I am now going through, brilliant site for support, good luck with your results sending big hugs xx

I am 3 years out and learnt loads. Ask any questions x