Lobular breast cancer

Hi, I’m a very scared newbie.  I noticed a thickening of right breast was referred to breast unit, I have yearly mammograms because of family history, they redid mamagram that was clear, then had ultrasound which showed lump about 4cms had biopsy.  Ultrasound didn’t show node invasion, went for MRI that didn’t show node invasion.  I was booked for a mastectomy and node biopsy as a precaution had that done 23/6.  Went back for results 2 weeks later and was told lump wasn’t 4cms it was 13cms and all 3 nodes showed cancer, i felt like I had been hit by a truck.  I am booked for total lymph node clearance on 3/8 but I Darenth even hope they will be clear because everytime I hope for the best I seem to get smacked in the face.  I feel so low and can’t stop crying i keep thinking the worst will happen 


Really sorry that you are going through a frightening time at the moment. I, like many ladies on this forum, can empathize with your current situation. I myself was treated for a Grade 2 invasive lobular breast cancer in February 2018. After surgery it was 35mm with 18/18 positive lymph nodes after an axillary level three clearance. I had chemo, then re excision to get clear margins. I then had 23 days of radiotherapy and four six monthly bisophonate infusions. I am just coming up to having been taking Letrozole for two years. My surgeon said that lobular is a slow growing but sneaky cancer. Try to stay positive as it is still possible that you will have the surgery and there will be no other infected nodes. Even if they are there is treatment available and no one knows for sure who will be the unlucky ones. I try to exercise andmand a healthy weight as it is my way of feeling I have some control.  I know it is easy to say and the unknown is scary but hopefully things will feel better when you have the full picture and treatment plan. In the meantime use this forum to find out about other people’s experiences and the comfort of knowing that you were not alone. Best wishes. Linda

Hi Tricia

Try not to be too frightened by it all. I was told after my mastectomy and full axillary clearance that 19 of the 21 nodes removed were cancerous. However, a CT scan, a bone scan and two MRIs found no sign that it had spread. Infected lymph nodes mean they’re doing their job. It’s a really frightening time, with an unexpected diagnosis, frightening oncology language, surgery and the prospect of chemotherapy so what you’re experiencing is a normal response BUT it’s all manageable and we each find our own ways through it. You will too.

You’ll find a lot of support here and the nurses are wonderfully supportive. You’ll also have a breast care nurse assigned to you already (?) so no reason to look anything up on Google - it’s the worst thing you can do, believe me. I wish you all the best with whatever your treatment plan is x