Long awaited appointment today!

Hi Everyone

Back from the hospital. The good news is that all is well! The lump under my arm is nothing to worry about the doctor said. She was very switched on and spent time listening to me and explaining things. She noticed another lump on the left side, plus felt the extensive nodularity the GP has noticed. I have two largish cysts but nothing nasty.

It was worth the hours spent in the clinic to get the all clear. The doctor put my mind at ease after weeks of speculation. The staff treated everyone with sensitivity and respect. I came away feeling confident in their judgement and very, very relieved.

Thank you all so much for your support. Very best wishes to all of you who are still waiting or going through the process of investigation and of course, to all of you who have been unlucky enough to be diagnosed with bc.

Love Hummingbird

Just wanted to say how happy I am for you. I know the relief of having lumps diagnosed as benign. SO pleased for you! I am just waiting for this week on antibiotics to be over to see if my symptoms have all disappeared…if not I will be referred for a scan. Even though I have had several lumps over the last 13 years I still get nervous!

Well have a great relaxed evening!


That’s brilliant!! I’m so pleased for you. Go celebrate!!

God bless.


Oh that is wonderful news for you. Get out tonight and let your hair down after all this time of worrying.

so pleased for you

claire xx

Hi Hummingbird

Fantastic news … am so thrilled for you. Bet you are ecstatic. Go out and celebrate BIG TIME tonight … you deserve it.


great news Hummingbird

I too had my appnt today, I have to go back tomorrow for a core biopsy, then its the 2 week wait for the results. My consultant isn’t so sure about mine. But “hopes” its the same as before.

I’m so pleased its turned out well for you in the end!

Take good care,

heidi xx

oh hum i,m thrilled for you what huge relief

big hugs
heidi when is your appoint


Hummingbird, I am so pleased for you!

Heidi, I am waiting for results on my other breast (I know the left one is cancer), so am with you in spirit and am thinking of you.