Long day ahead

Well looks like it’s going to be long day as get results but not till this afternoon or this evening what ever results come bk something is seriously going on with my right breast seems to be getting even bigger and sometimes painful to touch and it’s been 18 days bow :frowning: xtashax

Hi tasha,

Just want to wish you all the best for today, fingers crossed, take care and lots of hugs xx

Good luck for today x

Morning Tash,
I know how your feeling my appointment is at 14:25 so today is going to drag I’m sure. The waiting is just awful. Are you going to a one stop clinic? I am so hopefully I will have some idea of what my lump is by the time I leave. Hoping I will be leaving with a big smile on my face and I hope you do too.
Melissa xx

Best of luck to you too Melissa, let us know how you get on lots of hugs to you xx

Thinking of you ladies, Good Luck

Thank you katy I will check in later to let you know xxx

Good luck ladies today.
I have everything crossed for you both
Judy xxx

Thank you very much ladies means alot and Melissa I have to wait for a phone call was thinking last bight how come some people have apointments some have letters and some have phone calls x

Hope all goes well with your results tash xxx