Long Term Breast Pain and puckering of skin


New to the forum and would appreciate any feedback.

At 41 I’ve had pain in one breast for as many years as I can remember, sometimes quite bad (especially if i get a knock to it or self-examine to much) sometimes only mild. I wear a light support bra for sleeping which helps a little.

I had a mammogram around 6 years ago when I first visited my GP about this and it showed nothing to worry about.  At the beginning of this year I was going through a very painful spell and had my (now new) GP examine me, she said she felt nothing and told me to take evening primrose and not to worry as pain was rarley a sign of anything sinister.

Symtoms eased a little but only for a while.

I noticed recently that when I raise my arms above my head the skin under the painful breast looks ‘puckered’, kind of like when you put stress on skin that has fat under it.  I hadn’t notied this before.

When I self exam I can’t feel any real noticeable lumps although the tissue inside my breasts does feel ‘grainy’, I imagine like the beans inside a beanbag.  These grainy bits dont move, they’re just there in both breasts all over but more noticeable in the painful one.

I’m back to see my GP on Thursday but worried she’ll just brush me off again.  Should I / can I demand a mammogram?

Anyone else had similar symptoms and what did it turn out to be please?

thank you.


Im experiencing these same symptons too :frowning: im only 23 and ive been to my gp twice about it, ive been having pains in my sides and al of both breasts :frowning: I also having thinkening grainy feel to my breast :frowning: im absolutely petrified as my auntie passed away 2 years ago after a long battle with bc :frowning: please get back to me if you get anywhere with your gp thanks 

Hi I know this is an old thread but did you find out what was causing this mrsDAC?