Long term effect of LD flap reconstruction

I’m facing that difficult decision about what kind of reconstruction to have - if any. 
I already have a very poor implant reconstruction following my right sided mastectomy in 2007. I now have to have a left sided mastectomy as widespread DCIS has just been identified. 
I want to choose a type of reconstruction that I can eventually have on both sides so I can get rid of my deformed implant. 
I am looking at LD flap which my surgeon says I’m suitable for. My main concern is how much upper body strength I will lose generally and specifically how it will affect the pleasure I get from swimming. 
I’m 66 and swimming is my preferred regular exercise up to 5 times a week. I don’t swim fast but I do swim distances over 1km and often swim outdoors in lakes and rivers as well as the sea. I mostly swim breast stroke but enjoy front crawl and backstroke too. 

  • Are there any swimmers out there who’ve had LDs that can tell me how it’s affected you?

  • I’d also be interested in your general experience of the effects on eg housework, DIY, carrying bags etc

  • or should I be thinking of no reconstruction and not compromise my strength at all?

very interested to learn from your experience. Thanks 

Hi jayelcee

I hope you’re well. I’m sorry you haven’t had any response yet, I’m sure one of our Forum members will be in touch soon.

Our Breast Care Nurses can offer you a friendly listening ear on our free Helpline 0808 800 6000, if you would like to speak to someone about this in the meantime. Alternatively, you can get in touch with our Nurses in the Ask Our Nurses area of the Forum and they can respond to you online.

Sending you my best wishes x

Hello Jayelcee,

This is a difficult decision for you, you are a very active lady, I had this surgery 6 years ago had a mastectomy followed by a implant….unfortunately had a very bad infection implant was removed after 10 days, my consultant suggested LD flap with a small Implant, I can say I have not been completely happy with the outcome, always feeling quite uncomfortable, with back pain. So sorry that I can’t be more upbeat about this reconstruction.

Wishing you well, regards Tili :rainbow:

Hello, I realise that this is several months after you asked the question and you may already have reached a decision on your own situation, but I can provide a positive response regarding LD flaps and swimming.  I am a keen swimmer, usually 1km  3 times per week, so questioned my surgeon about how soon I could get back to swimming and the likelihood of impact.  I had removal of an implant and an LD flap to either sides but six months apart.  Swimming played a large part in my physio to get back to full movement and strength, and I have not suffered any of the issues which are detailed as possible side effects.  I hope that this helps.