Long wait for an appointment

Not quite sure why I’m posting this but I’ve just got myself in to a panic all of a sudden.


I originally went to my doctors about 6 weeks after I felt a lump in my left breast. I know I should have gone sooner but I was so scared. I had my appointment with the doctor on 22nd July this year and he could feel the lump, but assured me he wasn’t concerned (not sure if he was just saying this to try and make me feel better though as I was quite upset) as it seemed to move around easily enough. He did say that both my breasts were really lumpy anyway, and as they were like this (and quite large) he was going to refer me to the breast clinic for my peace of mind. He said he was convinced it was nothing to worry about so to try not to worry, I kind of put it to the back of my mind until I got a letter on 15th September with an appointment for the breast clinic on 20th October. This put the fear of god in to me again and I have been worrying about it every since. Unfortunately I got a letter a couple of weeks after that saying they have to reschedule and my appointment is now on 3rd November, the day before I am due to fly to New York on holiday.


The closer my appointment is the more sick I feel with worry. Has anyone else had to wait this long for an appointment? Trying to reassure myself but I’m absolutely convinced I’m going to be told the worst at my appointment. I feel like cancelling my holiday because I just have absolutely no interest in going at the minute and it’s the last thing on my mind. I really hope I get the result, either good or bad, at the appointment because if we do go ahead with the holiday (feel like I have to for my husbands sake really) I don’t want to spend it worrying about the impending result. 


Sorry for all my ramblings but feel a bit better now getting it all out x

Hi Chippy,it’s a very anxious time and you have had to wait a really long time.Most women are seen within. 2 weeks so I can only presume that your G.P is not concerned about your lump,doesn’t stop you being though does it!I would be tempted to ring the clinic and tell them you are going on holiday see if you could get a cancellation and be seen sooner . they will usually tell you on the day whether it is something to be concerned about but occasionally they can’t be sure til after the results of a biopsy which takes about a week to come back .I would hassle for appointment .