Long wait for radiotherapy

Hi all 

been browsing since I was diagnosed had stage 1 ER+ Her neg no lymphnodes involved and 9mm .

Had surgery on the 3rd December and have been told clear margins now for the long wait for radiotherapy (which I have been told is approx 5 months.  Seems as I am now getting over it all I will have to go right back to the start with emotions etc.Is this too long to wait as I thought the guidelines were 12 weeks from surgery, as a result of all the waiting I am constantly weighing all this up (which cant be good)  I am told hormone blockers not necessary as it will make such a small difference and now thinking well if I can wait 6 months from surgery. They dont think this is urgent too and as a result may decide to refuse.  All I have is a date in July to see the bcn for the last time and a nannogram booked for next year. Any advice how to deal with all this I have very mixed feelings atm.

I know I was very lucky it was caught so early and my prognosis is very good. just not happy with the very long wait.

5 months is horrific !!! Like you say radiotherapy is supposed to happen within 12 weeks , I think there may be a timeframe outside of which it becomes pointless doing radiotherapy . 
as far as hormone therapy is concerned my cancer was 5mm plus DCIS and I was still recommended hormone therapy . I only had a small percentage benefit but it was still recommended .
maybe you ask the advice of the nurses in the Ask the nurses section ?

if you have a BC nurse maybe you could request a telephone discussion about all these issues ?

Gosh, 5 months doesn’t sound right to me. I was anxious I waited 13 weeks & 2 days, having been told it would be 8 to 10 weeks. I rang Macmillan & they said 6 weeks as a guide! I tried to do some internet searching & found an article which suggested that if radiotherapy not done within 20 weeks there won’t be a benefit to it. If it were me, I would raise this with your BCN in the first instance. Good luck :crossed_fingers:  

Hi, I had surgery on 3rd Dec too, not seen oncologist yet, 7th Feb. I think that sounds like a long time to wait for radiotherapy? Great all margins clear, and lymph nodes. I would speak to your breast care nurse about the wait and if waiting that long will have any adverse effect on its success. It is dragging it all out for you, I can understand that, I just want to get on with my treatment and start to move forward. Good luck x