Longer-term bisphosphonates?

I had my sixth infusion of zoledronic acid this morning, which would have been the end of my course. However, because I had a fresh diagnosis during my 3 years (yeah, I’m lucky like that!), my consultant is talking about ‘resetting’ my treatment period.

I originally didn’t have a problem with this, as the side effects have been minimal, but now I’ve had advice (from a reliable source) that it might not be of great benefit and I should maybe ask more questions before going ahead.

Does anyone have any experience of being on bisphosphonates for longer than 3 years? 

Hi Bookish, sorry to hear you’ve had a fresh diagnosis. I’ve also had it more than once - rotten isn’t it? After my last time I had z acid for 3 years, last dose was April 22. I’m just now getting a treatment plan for another recurrence - chemo, then rads, then hormone pills -  but my oncology consultant has said the z acid will be with me, doing its job, for years, so no need to have any more of that. He was pleased I have already had it and I think would have recommended if not. I’ve had several dentists say the effect goes on for at least 2 years after finishing. Of course we are all different,  and there may be a reason for your oncologist suggesting it, but certainly sounds worth asking. Good luck with your treatment. Love Mo x