Longer term radiotherapy effects

Hi all. First post on here. I was diagnosed 2 years ago, stage 2 cancer, which was grade 1. Had breast conserving surgery and 15 radiotherapy sessions. I had cancer cells in the first lymph node but contained within it.
Recovered well, with the usual ongoing challenges. Recently I’ve started the get some aches in the area where I had the radiotherapy, breast, shoulder - not one particular spot but conscious of aches in that area.
Anyone else had that after over a year after treatment ended?

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I think radiotherapy affects everyone differently, but it can have long lasting effects. I had lumpectomy 31 years ago, 6 weeks of rt plus 3 booster days. Over the years I have experienced pain, intense periods of itching, a boob that went solid. At 20 years post lumpectomy had biopsies etc due to nipple bleeding. The results were due to rt changes, that can carry on affecting the area for years. I got unlucky I guess, many women don’t have any problems. I did have a laugh with my surgeon though, just recently had a mastectomy on the same breast, which by then was a shrivelled up, deformed, discoloured, solid half a golf ball sitting on my chest which she was able to whip of easy, makng her job a lot easier lol! We can all find time for a laugh on this horrible journey :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi I had lumpectomy followed by mastectomy and radiotherapy in 2020 just as covid shut us down. I have had different aches and pains in the area ever since but I have acupuncture regularly which improves this. Obviously the area will still be knitting together and scarring still. I know that if I overstretch I get an awful pain so this shows me it’s probably because I don’t do my arm exercises regularly :unamused: so I completely understand. But if you are concerned phone your BC nurse and get looked at. Sending positive thoughts. X

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