Look good...feel better - workshops

Dear All,
Have just seen an advert for some free workshops which are run, free of charge, in over 50 hospitals across the UK. It states that they help with skin care, and makeup skills for women who are undergoing/been through cancer treatment which “help you look and feel like yourself again”. They describe it as “the beauty industry supporting women with cancer” and includes input from Boots, Charles Worthington, Christian Dior, Clarins, Clinique, Coty uk, Elizabeth Arden, Estee Lauder, Givenchy, Lancome, L’oreal, Max Factor, The Perfume Shop, YSL and others.
Don’t know about you but I know I could sure do with an overhaul!
It says to get in touch with them (my hubbie did !) and their details are:-
Tel : 01372 747500
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Sorry if you already know about it but I think its a great idea!

They do sound great. My only reservation is that they seem to get terribly booked up - I enquired as soon as I found out about them (at my second chemo) and was told that the first place available would be after my whole chemo course was over.

So the moral - book in quick!!

I went to our local LGFB workshop a while after my chemo ended, as you can book up to six months after total treatment has ended. Can recommend it, had a good time and received some lovely products.

I attend Christie Hospital in Manchester and contacted them recently. They said that all the volunteers are working gals and are busy with the Christmas period and to phone back in the new year, which I’ll do. Goodness knows it’ll take a miracle on 56th street never mind 54th street to improve me hehehe.

Good luck to us all.
Maureen xx

I have been to an LGFB workshop - went shortly after I had finished all Herceptin treatment. The staff were fantastic, I went away feeling great and with some very useful tips and an excellent goodie bag. I can thoroughly recommend to all. Also a great way to meet others going through/post treatment.


This is well worth doing, and unless things have changed in the last 3 years, it doesn’t matter if your chemo is ‘over’ - you have been treated and so you can put your name down and go. Just book!

It does what it says on the jar - makes you feel fab and you come away with a fab goody bag. I costed mine on the web and came to over £200 of goodies. Also a lot of the girls who do the workhop work in the make up departments of the make up companies at, say John Lewis etc, and once you’ve been you can (or could!) go and have a chat and ‘makeover’ at the store for a special night out.

Love Caz x

thank you for the link, my nearest one is Bristol so i will call them tomorrow and see if i can book one up!

Im going tuesday next week, really looking forward to it- its my reward to myself for being halfway through chemo!

Enjoy it YCM. I did one of these workshops in July and came out feeling like a million dollars! My bag of goodies was certainly worth a lot of money with much I will probably never use again. I tend not to use much makeup. But heck! I learned some tips and tricks and should I wish to apply stuff to my face, I now know how!! It was great fun!

Thanks Gillian, I really did enjoy it. Loved my bag of goodies too- would definately recommend it to others!x

I’m going to one in Bristol on Tuesday…and they also offer head/neck, or arm/hand or hand/nail massage too, so i have booked for the hand/nail option.I am really looking forward to this :slight_smile: