Look Good Feel Better

Hi Ladies

Is anyone on here going to the LGFB session at Addenbrookes on 10th April ? Only, I am, and it would be great to meet anyone else who’s going !

Am really looking forward to it as I’ve heard its excellent - god knows I could do with some pampering - lol !

Julie x

HI julie

Sorry not going to that session - live nowhere near - but just wanted to say enjoy - I went last year and am still working my way thro the goodies. Picked up some good tips for when I was lashless and browless.


Hi Julie,

Went to one at Barts a few weeeks ago. It was really good and I now have a bathroom cabinet full of rather expensive products a constant reminder of a lovely day.
Initially I was a bit aprehensive about going as not having had chemo I thought it wasn’t for me but its for everyone who has been thro bc.
Returning from it, a friend’s husband asked ‘how did your spruce up session go?’ now not sure if I looked good but I certainly felt better.
Have a brill day

Hi Fiona & Magsi

Thanks so much for your comments. I’m really looking forward to it now !



I went to a LGFB workshop yesterday and it was amazing.  I stopped wearing makeup years ago and wondered what I would get out of the experience.  In fact, I learned a lot about how to apply makeup properly and loved the way I looked at the end of the workshop.  Best of all was kind, expert help with the wig I bought months ago but never dared to wear.  I took a selfie so I could see what could be achieved.


Tonight I went to a party in my wig and with at least some makeup and I felt fabulous.


So a big thank you to the people who made it happen and made me feel like me again.  I had got into the way of joking about my appearance as a way of defusing the misery of feeling I looked awful.  This way is better.