Looking at yourself after a masectomy

Hi :wave: ladies may coming will be one year since my masectomy. Does anyone struggle with looking in the mirror at their scar? I am already overweight and having no boob just seems to compound it.

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I’m sorry about that.
I had a mastectomy with no reconstruction in 2018 and i don’t mind it at all!
The scar will become even lighter with time, mine at this point are almost unnoticeable.
Slowly work on your weight, may with some yoga or dayly exercise, and a little diet, without forcing yourself too much! And you will see that you are eventually going to wear your scar with pride! I subscribe to Asana Rebel last year, it is only 30 dollars a year, and did constant daily exercise everyday, for only 20 minute a day, and my body look way more tonic. So I actually look better than I did before! And my mood improve too!

@Amel Hi :wave: Amel thank you for your encouragement. I have started exercising 5 times a week on my bike and i am seeing a difference albeit not a lot. A friend at church said to me, “own your battle scar because it means your a survivor”. I know i will get there it just takes time. Have a blessed week ahead.

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I had my mastectomy June 2022 so abit longer than you. It’s weird to see one flat side compared to my 32DD one on the other side but I’m absolutely fine with the scar. It’s faded, really quite neat and where the surgeon pulled everything up on that side, looks great-just wish my other side matched :joy:
Some women see the scar as a reminder of cancer, life before and I really feel for them.
I see mine as a reminder I’m still here, living my life with my wonderful family-how lucky I am.
I hope you get your head round it and get your head in a more comfy place for you
Big hugs x

@LauraR Hi :wave: when your a 44DD its quite obvious but in time i will accept it as my battle scar that i am a survivor. Looking forward to my daughter’s engagement and marriage and grandchildren so i have a lot to be grateful for, i help others through a family foodbank I set up in 2021 in the midst of the pandemic and its getting even stronger with the best volunteers ever ages between 50 and 80. I will be 64 years old this year and will be married for 33 years. I think it would be good to get a gratitude book. Have a blessed week :pray:

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Wow, I can see why that feels quite different. I had a friend who went back to surgery for second mastectomy just to even both sides. Whilst she was ok with scar, it was the lopsidedness/heavy prosthesis… that got to her. Once bilateral mastectomy she felt much better.
Theres so much to get our heads around!
It does sound like you have lots of great things going on in your life. A gratitude book sounds good-I may pinch that idea :grin:

Hi there…had mine in 2018…its never bothered me …but my other breast is a 34 AA so never felt lopsided as such…must be harder with a larger breast size…my scars are hardly visible now too , 6 years down the line

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@LauraR Feel free :grinning::+1:

Hello Talawah

I was a 42DD when I had my mastectomy in January 2021.

As all the lovely ladies before have said, the scar soon heals to a nice neat line. I tend to have hypertrophic scarring and my right chest one is as neat as a pin and not overly visible.

I have other scars in much more visible places from operations when I was a child, and a new hip a couple of years before BC. Those still stand out like a sore thumb.

I was never bothered about another scar even before the mastectomy. I see it as life saving.

I’ve lost a bit of weight in the last year and I’m now a 40D. I see that as losing a D for the boob that was removed.

The only thing that I do different (lets forget special bras and a falsie) is that I will not strip off when changing at the gym. I WANT to but am conscious of others. I’ve be come a dab hand at the dexterous use of my towel when stripping off and it’s so easy to put my bra on over my towel then whip it away - just like other ladies do all the time.

I hope you’ll find yours less troubling in time.

I had an implant which needed to be removed so i have lots of excess skin. This was early 2018. Still hate to look at myself

@Gelbel Aww thank you. I am sure in time i will embrace the new me.:pray::heart:

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