Looking for advice

Tonight I noticed a large lump above my right breast.  It’s tender to the touch.  After doing some online research I’m pretty sure it’s benign cysts due to the fact that it’s large and appeared in one day and that it’s somewhat painful.

I had a cone biopsy on my left breast about 4 years ago after a mammogram screening and ultrasound. Results were negative.

here’s my dilemma… last go around was pretty expensive. It took over two years to pay off my balance.  I’d like to avoid an expensive bill if this is not necessary.
 Open enrollment is next month for insurance changes to begin in January.  I’m considering changing my health care insurance to a higher premium/ lower deductible. should I wait until January to schedule the appointment to avoid a potentially large medical expense, considering my risk is low and the symptoms aren’t typical for breast cancer?

im single and on a budget!


Hi Michell

just wanted to say I’m sorry you are in such a crappy situation….I’m thinking you are in the US ? And not having the NHS like we do in the U.K…. Is there anyway you can start by having a scan? and see what that throws up, before going ahead with biopsies etc…. I wish you well 

Michell Can you see a gp free of charge in your country? If you can you should see them to get checked over. Please do keep in mind early detection if it is anything can save your life So sorry you are not in Uk and have our amazing nhs Do also ring the number on here if you can and speak to a nurse :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :sparkles: :sparkles: Shi xx