Looking for EBC Grade 3 success stories

Hi all,

   My wife was diagnosed with S1 G3 recently.  G3 has me spooked about recurrence.  I would like hear from others who had a similar diagnosis and are cancer free for years.  Tks.


Diagnosed stage 2, her and oestrogen driven and grade 3 in September 2018.  Yep lots of treatment which only finished couple weeks ago for the her factor. No active cancer on scans since my mastectomy in October 2018 but I never really believe in being cancer free, I prefer just to think of cells that are too small to show up on scans.  I much prefer that being my reality.  Plodding on with the oestrogen drug.  It is scary reading about grade 3 but every day lost to worry is a day you never get to live again.  We all wake up in the morning with the hope of climbing into bed at night, cancer may get me tomorrow, but someone will get knocked down somewhere else.  My motto is six feet above is better than six feet under.  I’ve did some really OCD things like looking at websites until 5 in the morning, reading endless research.  I was like a ferret looking around the world web for statistics specifically for grade 3 and then the wake up call came.  They are statistics and we’re not clones.  No one else’s path will ever be the same.  Slowly I’m relaxing but undoubtedly the fear of recurrence that is big enough to show on a scan sits on my shoulder but I’m getting better at giving it a right hook.

I think you have to not get too obsessed with the grade and the statistics that come with it…harder said than done I know…many people with grade 3 cancers do not get recurrences.  On a personal note, I have had primary BC 3 times now…first 2 times it was grade 0 ( DCIS), 3rd time was grade 2… on paper I was very low risk for recurrence…but it still happened.   I have just taken all the treatment offered and will continue taking hormone tablets for as long as needed and hope for the best whilst being aware of the symptoms of further recurrence and secondary cancer and that the risk is there…but trying not to let it be the forefront of my daily thoughts.

Hope your wife’s treatment goes well

Hi @rjh18  

I’m soo sorry to hear of your wife’s diagnosis. It’s very caring of you to do some background checking (digging) for her.

My 1st BC, 2006, was Grade3. Had a mastectomy with full underarm Lymph Node Clearance (ANC), rather than lumpectomy and radiotherapy. Treatment was very different in those days. There are so many more medicines and different regimes available now to battle it. I had a small tumour develop in the other 2007, that was a different type, so was UNrelated to spread from the 1st. Just bad luck. Opted for the same op with that, basically to avoid any further breast tissue recurrence risks. 

I Haven’t had any further probs, which is what I think you’re wishing to hear, yes? But, any Cancer diagnosis leaves you with a constant seed of doubt, as the other lovely ladies on here have said. You never can be or feel 100% certain that rogue cells haven’t escaped to elsewhere. Hence, I’m always vigilant of any unusual body symptoms, without being Paranoid about it, and get them checked out as soon as possible. Otherwise I don’t think about it much, and I certainly don’t live life in fear of it recurring, just get on with life as if it “won’t” do. But a lot of that is down to time/years.

Unfortunately it can recur, however many years “clear” and later. That’s not me doomongering, just being realistic. It does happen. I read of a few women on here, for whom it’s unfortunately recurred, sometimes after many years later and being so called “clear”.  BUT… It may NEVER DO. 

Plus rjh18, there are worse Grades or stages/types than a 3. 

I too hope all goes well and successfully with your wife’s treatment. Hope you also can stay strong for her. Tell her to pop on here for helpful advice, info, support, or just have a good rant to us if needed (perhaps better to us, rather than to yourself!! ) as it’s a great place to off-load to other women going through the same. Understand what it’s like, and why it’s here.

Delly xx   

3 years for me and I know someone who was 14 years then came back as HER2 when it had previously been hormone receptive. Her Mum and other family members had cancer so maybe there was a common gene in her case. Anyway she is ok now too. 

Hi @rjh18  , I am nearly one  year on from a Grade 3 Stage2 HER2+ ER+ diagnosis. Thankfully a complete radiological and pathological response to date. I hope your wife’s treatment is progressing well, Helen

I was diagnosed stage 2 grade 3 in 2018.  Still here.  There isn’t much on the internet about specifically grade 3 recurrence but obviously it’s a factor amongst several others. Me personally I choose to think I still have dormant cells and just get on with living.  That way if a recurrence happens then for me it’s just what was expected eventually.  I’ll never have that shock of thinking I was cured because they can never say you will be really.  It is what it is.  Could be a bus that knocks you down while you read a cancer leaflet!