Looking for motivation...

Looking for motivation…

Looking for motivation… Hi everyone.
I love to hear from anyone else out there who are or have struggled to get back into some form of exercise.
Before my diagnosis I was as fit as a flea.
I’ve got a really physical job working full time shifts lates, nights and earlies (still on sick leave tho at the mo).
I used to go to the gym after night and early shift, before on lates.
Most saturday and sunday morning would be a bike ride or 2 to 5 mile runs with Husband.
Could’nt face the gym with a bald head.
Husband bought me an exercise bike for christmas, and although I have used, it at one point going on it daily, since rads finished at the start of may I just cannot get myself to go on it or do any other kind of exercise.
I’m hoping this lack of motivation will soon pass.
I wonder if sub consciously I’m thinking well why bother I did everything I could to keep myself healthy and this still happened to me.
If anyone can give me some advice on how to get my mojo back I’d be most grateful! :slight_smile:
Best Wishes
Linda xx
p.s. did’nt do gym every day but at least 3 times a week.

Motivation Hi, I understand what you mean, I am feeling very slow at the moment. I have major skeletal problems which I have been in control of to a point, but I feel with breast cancer I am not in control of the outcome. I am wondering if this is why I feel so slow and unmotivated.

I go radiotherapy planning tomorrow, but starting to feel cross at my lack of ‘get up and go’ Sometimes I feel that keep talking about our problems just generates more problems instead of looking forward. I expect it is because there is still more to come with the treatment and can’t draw a line under the diagnosis yet.

I will think of you and try harder myself to ‘get going’ perhaps the ironing will be done now, thank you

I have been really unwell on Taxotere and have had really bad fatigue with it to the point I have been very inactive. I used to walk about 10 miles at a time before this and feel I need to get my fitness and stamina levels back, as well as losing a bit of weight. I have a lot of things at home like a gym mat, hand weights etc, so I plan to get into the way of a gentle stretching routine every day. We bought a side to side stepper and I was doing abit every day whilst on rads, but I’ve been so knocked out this past 10 weeks that I could not cope with using it. My motivation is affected by the fatigue - it’s too easy to retreat to bed with the telly at the moment and it’s all I’ve really been able for.

I continued going to the gym throughout my treatment even if all I did was walk on the treadmill. I actually found that doing something helped witht he fatigue and other symptoms. Gym staff revised my routine to take into account the difficulties I was having. I wore my wig until my hair started to grow back. A couple of times I went in wearing a scarf. Once I had some hair, I went “au naturel”. Some people did stare but I just stared back. Interestingly it tended to be young men and women (late teens/early twenties) who stared or passed comment. Some people just thought I had a funky hairstyle. I finished my treatment in Feb and started training for the Race for Life which I ran on 10th June. I’m really glad I kept going to the gym. Apart from anything else it got me out of the house for something other than hospital appoitnments, and I always felt better for going.


Thanks for your replies Girls,
I’m sure I’ll get back into the swing of things soon (touch wood).
I had the exercise bike moved into the shed because I was sick of it giving me dirty looks everytime I passed it! lol
Come monday it’s coming back in.
Going to have a good blow out this weekend before serious dieting starts.
I’ve got the stone and a half to shift that I have piled on. I’m looking to start back at work mid august (short hours, light duties to begin with) and I want to be back to my pre BC weight.
Take Care
Linda xx