Looking for Moving Forward volunteers to support our courses!

We understand that a person’s need for support doesn’t end when treatment finishes. 


Our Moving Forward Courses are for people who have recently finished their hospital-based treatment for primary breast cancer, helping them approach life after treatment with increased confidence.


Volunteers are an integral part of our courses, providing support and reassurance to others:


"For the last two years I have been a Moving Forward Volunteer, how I wish there had been something like this for me when I had completed my treatment. It’s so lovely to see all the ladies make friends with each other on a course that offers so much to help them move forward.


As a volunteer I help out in lots of practical ways and I give emotional support too, especially if someone is nervous or may just need to talk one to one about something.

The Moving Forward Course is such a wonderful course to be involved in. It offers so much, and I enjoy it too." (Moving Forward Volunteer in Sheffield)


Help others to move forward with confidence: