Looking for opinions...

Well, for the past year or so I have had some breast pain in my right breast. It’s a dull, achey pain that sometimes feels like a pinch or a burn maybe… It’s an annoying pain and usually only lasts for a few seconds and goes away. I have always felt a small lump in my right breast for the past 3 or so years… But I am only 23 right now so the dr’s around here think im just paranoid (I am a hypochondriac and worry WAY too much and always think I have breast cancer)… But in all honesty this is a real pain… So I do know that I need to go to the Dr… So please don’t tell me to go lol… I just want some advice, wondering if these are common symptoms of breast cancer?

small lump in right breast (I have one on the left too, but it’s small and not painful, this one is bigger and painful to press on)…

pinching/burning/stinging pain inside breast near lump

back pain on my ribs on my right side, and back- more painful to breath deeply or stretch it…

small twinge type pains under right armpit at times, similar to breast pain…

No swelling or dimpeling that I can tell… No nipple pain or discharge…

I can’t think of anything else to say… But im just looking for some input I guess…

The only way you are going to find out is to go and see your doctor. Everyone on this forum will have a slightly different story to tell about how they came to be diagnosed with breast cancer. Some may have had similar symptoms but that doesn’t mean it has the same outcome

It may not be anything to worry about but I urge you to make an appointment tomorrow with your doctor to have it checked out once and for all. It’s scary but it’s the only way

Sharon x

Dont wait any longer love its scary but very important to get a referral quickly.The symptoms you mention may well be innocent but a breast lump should NEVER be left unchecked.Some bc lumps hurt most dont but please make that appt now.From a fellow hypochondriacxx

get them checked out hon, go to your doc and he will refer you i,m sure, it is a lot of waiting but we are all going through this, i pray your results will be ok
stay possitive


Well I finally made it to the Dr… He didn’t do a physical exam but said it sounded like Fibrocystic breast disease… It seems right to me because my actual breast ONLY hurts before and during my period and sometimes when I ovulate… BUt my ribs on my back behind my right breast hurt all the time. he says it could be due to the cyst swelling and pulling on my muscles, but it doesn’t swell noticeably to me, it just gets a twingy, pain, almost an itch… So, im still paranoid… Im thinking I’ll get a second opinion but I have to wait a month. My dr put me on Zoloft for my anxiety/hypochondria and I will be more likely to follow through with an appointment if I am not so scared and not having a panick attach…

thanks for the comments from everyone. This all seems crazy because I am only 23 years old! Even if it is just Fibrocystic breasts, I read that it occurs usually in your 30s or 40s…

hi pix, my sis has fibrocystic desease, and her rt breast is huge full of lumps and very painful, she has lumps down on her rib cage aswell, it is only a managed desease so i hear from her, i would not be happy i would want them out, her rt breast is at least 3 sizes bigger that her left
she got hers in her late 30s i keep telling her to get them checked as bc can hide behind them

i am suprized your doc did not examine you, i def would ask for another opinion all lumps need to be checked

wish you well hon

Hi pixie

I know your feeling very scared at the moment but please get referred to your breast clinic.
I don’t want to frighten you but initially they said I had fibrocystic disease and offered me a mammogram to put my mind at rest, it turned out I had a cancer hidden underneath a cyst.
Yours may well be only fibrocystic disease, but even if it is, you need to be seen at a breast clinic so they can do further checks.
My doctor told me it was ok and just a cyst but I insisted to be referred to the breast clinic as I have had lots of different lumps before.
The breast clinic will never think you are a hyprocondriac, they will be glad that you have gone to them to get it checked out.
I had a lump years ago and got referred, by the time my appointment came through the lump had gone but I still went to the appointment to put my mind at rest.

Take care and keep us updated