Looking for poem

Hello all
I’m writing this in the hope that someone can track down a poem that I saw some years ago and am trying to locate once more. It’s a very angry poem written by someone who had learnt she had advanced breast cancer (now sadly dead).
I found it quite cathartic when i was first diagnosed - though I’m glad to say I’ve moved on a lot since then- and wanted to pass it to a recently diagnosed friend who has expressed an interest.

It opens something like “I do not know how I got my ticket for this train” andcontinues the image of someone on a train to a destination they do not want to go to.

If any of you happen to remember the rest or have a link to a website contains the poem I’d be very grateful

With thanks

For some reason I couldn’t get on to post a thank you so Im editing my original post instead in the hopes it works. Many thanks to all who replied. It is indeed Journey by jpoet and I’ve now found the web link. many thanks and best. Wishes to all

Cannot help. But but had a good look for it. Did you read this poem on BCC, or on the web or don’t you know? Do you rmember any more about the poem? Was it written recently? Sorry to ask so many questions but not much to go on otherwise. Val

There was a much loved and extremely talented poet who posted on bcpals some years ago.Her nick name was jpoet and many of her poems dealt with her feelings and reactions to her disease [which eventually killed her].
Her poem ‘Bluebells’ made a profound impact on me.If you Google her name you will find all her works.
I am trying to remember her full name-her first name was Sandra and her surname was,I think,Lovegrove-I will check.

it came up as a link!!how clever is that!!

It was the first ref that came up-I cant do links but the site address is www.lovegrove.f9.co.uk/JPoet/

Thanks for posting that link Horace the poems make powerful reading.

Meant to say on here not on her.

Horace, What is the title of the poem in question because I cannot see it on her. Not with the words that Coldcapper gave at the beginning of this thread. But maybe I haven’t found it. V

It could be the one titled Journey???

@ Scottish Lass, I think it is the one called ‘Journey’ which you reach by clicking the title on the side bar (don’t seem to be able to link directly to specific poems) There are many stunning pieces of poetry here, definitely worth a read.

Hope coldcapper reads al this after al our research. Not heard back form her on here. Thanks Revcat. How are you doing apart from lookig after everyone else? Hugs V

What wonderful poems - I have never heard of Sandra before. Not easy reading. Val, the one you are looking for is the one called “Journey” I think.
Thank you Horace for the link. I am going to bookmark it.
Mo xx

Yes, I’m sure that is the poem (“Journey”).
I enjoy challenges such as finding poems - though I don’t want any poetry read at my funeral - and I typed Coldcapper’s words into a search box. Thanks Horace !
Interesting that we couldn’t find the site directly. This shows that it is possible to set up websites that are genuinely private. This is important for some of us with secondary bc who want to share and communicate with friends and maybe family, but don’t want the Googlebots and web-crawlers invading our privacy.

Is anyone reading this thread?

I am Mrs Blue. Not seen Coldcapper responding to this thread she started though. Mrs Blue I saw on another thread you are busy with other non BC stuff. Just to say I hope things are going ok. V

Dear all
Many thanks for the very helpful replies ans my apologies for not acknowledging them before. For some reason I haven’t been able to post for months - apparently my account was deactivated for some reason! Anyway I’m back online now so many thanks to all who replied