Looking good and feeling better


I am aware of the ‘Look Good, Feel Better’ scheme that runs which is briliant in helping people with Breast Cancer to apply their make up. Im wondering if anyone knows of anything else in the South East. Im thinking of help with make-up, diet, exercise, hair issues - all the things that are important for self esteem. I feel there is a need for more of this. What do others think? Or is there help out there that I don’t know about? Thanks in advance for your help.

Hello and welcome to the Breast Cancer Care Discussion Forums,

BCC offer a range of services in certain locations in the South East area, such as Information Sessions, Lingerie Evenings and HeadStrong a hair loss advisory support service. Here is a link to information on your nearest Regional Centre:


You can also get further details about services in your area by calling the BCC Helpline, Tel 0808 800 6000 Mon - Fri 9am-5pm and Sat 9am-2pm.

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Anna, BCC Facilitator

Hi carriejoanne. There are several places you can consider, depending on where in the south east you are and how far you are prepared to travel.

There’s Penny Brohn in the Bristol area who do several residential courses, the Haven centres, I think there’s one in London, and if you’re in Surrey the cancer support centre attached to the hospital is preparing for a residential course in the area.

If you have a cancer support centre attached to your hospital they will probably be able to help, or maybe your BCN, or even give the helpline on here a ring as they may know of some.

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