Looking old! chemo?

My skin is looking thin and my body as shank. I am looking old!!!


Yea I feel the same bald no eye lashes eyebrows over weight thought I looked 70 instead 47 when I looked in mirror today

Hi laura, i know what you mean my feet! my hands! my face looks thin:::::(((

I need a pick-me-up.

Rose x

PS my poor dog is poorly again ::frowning:

Aww no what wrong with him how fec going u ok with se

I never looked thin.
Bald, blotchy and bloated. We can’t win, lol.

Hi elttiks, No we cant win :::frowning:

I am going for a make over to make me feel good, i got to do something!!!

Rose xx

hi ladies,

well whatever (he,he,he)

I have finished my treatment now and look fab (not),

no seriously, whilst I was having my treatment I was bald, fat, and with a white face, and 2 black eyes resembled uncle festa.
now I have lost a bit of weight, got a bit of hair and look like that walliams bloke off little britain, when he is taking off that mad woman who keeps on eeeeee, does anybody know who I am on about, she doesnt talk just makes a funny noise, she is bonkers,

I have to smile to myself I find it quite amusing really, I must have a perculiar sense of humour, but what else can you do, you have to go with it because there isnt much else you can do is there?

Eventually it will be ok, I have taken photos of myself on my web cam and when I feel particularly down, I look back at them and then look at myself now, even I can see an improvement and it does give me a bit of a lift. keep smiling, and plodding on.

x Liz x

Hi eliza, iam going to have a lovely bath and put a face mask on also do a body srub and my poor old looking feet. Hopefully i will fel better.

Thank you comment :::))) XXX

Rose xxx