Looking to Reduce Weight Post Treatment



Thanks to this forum. I have never adored a community so much because you guys were way too supportive throughout the journey. Though, this is my first post, I have been reading threads and articles for 2-3 years now anonymously. 


I just have a little question. Now that I am releived from all the stress, I wish to get fit again and want to reduce some weight. What are you guys suggesting?




Hi Amy


I am losing weight by going to my local slimming world group. I find attending the group a massive support and it really helps to keep me motivated. Its a great way of sharing recipes, ideas, and inspirational stories. I lost a stone in 6 weeks prior to christmas. 


Losing weight successfully is a very personal thing. What works for one, may not be what works for someone else. There are lots of ideas of what ‘cancer sufferers/survivors’ should & shouldn’t be eating too which can seem quite daunting & pressurised. I attended a session at Maggies cancer centre run by a cancer specialist nutritionist and found that really helpful. From there I was recommended to look up various cancer diets and use what I thought i could work with. So, I am using the principles of the Plant Programme (Jane Plant) and Professor Richard Beliveau’s ‘foods to fight cancer’ and incorporating them into the slimming world plan (easier than it sounds). I should also say that I am still having treatment but am feeling really good after cutting right back on the sugar. If you wish to know any more I would be happy to help. Good luck in whatever you decide & remember to be kind to yourself x


Hi, I don’t know if you have much free time, but as I had recently stopped working before my treatments I managed to lose weight and feel good by being more proactive with my friends. I put my thoughts out there and everyone was keen to join me walking most days whilst we chatted, rather than sitting and chatting. Obviously finished off with a cuppa at some point, but often did a fairly healthy lunch generally rather than cuppa so didn’t eat too many cakes! ?