After treatments I now find I am completely lopsided probably by as much as 2cup sizes on my bra.
I am really conscious of his as I am quite big busted and everything pulls to one side. My Oncologist has never
Offered reconstruction as I only had a lumpectomy when first dx but now after years of treatment radiotherapy
hormone etc I find my affected breast shrinking. It still contains the tun ours as I a now have bone mets so
they are no longer interested in the breast lumps. Does anyone recommend any good pads, silicone inserts or anything that will help even me out. Has anybody got any help with this from their oncologists. All suggestions received gratefully.
Sharon. Oxford.

Hi, have you tried looking on the Amoena website? I get the magazine twice a year and they have excellent breast forms and underwear. I don’t actually use anything as I had a lumpectomy myself and it’s only really noticeable there is a bit missing when I bend forward whilst topless.


thanks for posting, Sharon, as I have exactly the same prob! Grateful for advice.


Terrible isn’t it but I always feel its too superficial to bother the oncologists with so I never mention it. Thank you for the help already, I have just been on the website and it looks just the thing. Bloomin expensive though. Still having cancer has never been cheap.

I had a WLE Nov 07, then rads for 18 sessions. Had reduction and lift to bring other in line. (had lost 125gm as multi focal). over the next 3 years, shrank and shrank and nipple turned in so was practically touching breast wall.Had an LD flap to bolster the volume in March, will have tidy up on 12th. As a 36 d or dd I know what you mean about clothes twisting, everything rode one way. Wore a chicken fillet on one side to try and allow for difference but in end this didnt work either. Some bras I found came with a removable liquid filled pad (Asda?/ tesco?)so would keep one pad in and take the other out…
Much love and empathy, let me know how you get on.

Hi sharon,

I am also Sharon, In 2009 I had a single mastectomy with a temp tissue expander, which left me with a jj one side and a b the other, I felt hideous, I went to get professionally fitted and the girl looked scared to death. During my treatment i researched the Uk and further afield for the best post op breastcare garments. I went to Austria and Germany and trained to become a centre of excellence in Prosthesis and Bra Fitting. I can supply and help with infills, partials specialist Bra’s etc. My website is near on finished but just getting the finishing touches, a bit like my breasts actually, I had a further mx 2010 and now have implants, although they will need tweaking yet again due to rads damage and capsular contraction.

Hope that this post has been helpful. Take Care Sharon xx

I was the same, about 1-2 cup sizes different after lumpectomy. Clothes all shifted to the left! Spoke to my BCN and she referred me to prosthetics who were lovely and spent ages fitting me up with a “chicken fillet”. (FOC) Now the is no difference at all.
You shouldn’t have to buy one, and if you choose to do so it would be very difficult getting the right size online. I must have tried 10 before I found the perfect fit.
I too now have secondaries in the lungs, diagnosed a week after lumpectomy!!!

I think girls if you contact your BCN they might have silicone shells and partial inserts. Some even stick to you .Not every Hospitsl stocks them but you could try. The BCC website has a good publication A Confident choice can be downloaded or you could have a chat with a Helpline Nurse and she could send you one.The helpline number is 08008006000. It has a list of prosthetic and bra suppliers in the back.

Thank you ladies for all your help. Please let me know your website address when its up and running smallstar.