Hi All

I had my chemo Feb- June (EC x3 & Docetaxel x3) and single mastectomy with immediate implant reconstruction 6 weeks ago. I also need to have radiotherapy which I know will have some effect on the implant, followed by oral chemotherapy then ‘proper’ reconstruction next year!

Anyway, question is, at the moment I am extremely lopsided! My new boob is nearly under my chin and my old one is near my stomach . I know that this is only temporary but even with a bra on they won’t line up and I am constantly trying to putting the droopy one back in place! I have tried boob tape but wondering if any of you have tried anything different?

Any suggestions will be greatly received!!! So thank you in advance xx

Hi Lisa , sounds like a challenge !! Hopefully only temporary . Can’t offer any advice just responding so hopefully someone with some useful suggestions will see your post . Best wishes Jill x