loss of appetite

Hi all

i am three days into RT

My treatment had been put back by two weeks as I had developed another bout of cellulitis. To combat this I was put on a heavy dose of anti-biotics, which resulted in my appetite going away completely. I finished the course over a week ago however my appetite has not returned and I have no urge to eat at all. I am starting to lose weight.

This would usually be a good thing (LOL)but I am getting worried that this is all for the wrong reasons. ( one bowl of rice crispies today cannot be good). I am drinking plenty of fluids though.

anyone else been through the same thing?


Hi gp

I am also 3 days into rads and have felt queasy from day 1. Wondered if it was pre-rads stress but now think it may be due to rads.

Sounds like you’re not eating enough to keep a flea alive tho - I would mention it to the nurse/whoever put you on antibiotics asap as you need yr strength to get thru this.

C x

Hi chicci
Now on day 7 of RT, I think.going to buy juicer to day so i can hold my nose and get some goodness into me.Should be getting ready, but on the cant be bothered bench. Have u seen that subject, gives me a good laugh.Felt really odd with the first 2 RT, where i was going to tell them to stop,but they came and said its finished, but think its cuz of my not eating.

Thanks, will speak to nurse
yvonne xxx

Maybe protein drinks as well if you find drinking stuff easier? I feel constantly knackered and away with the fairies if I’m not getting protein.

Take good care of yourself.

C x

I finished rads nearly two weeks ago and my appetite is only now returning. I was advised to eat high calorie foods. I ate lots of yoghurts, cheese etc. Nibble when you feel able. Soup is good especially if you can drink without problems. The more you manage to eat the quicker your skin will recover. This is what my dressings nurse told me. I nibbled chocolate just to keep energy level up. Someone on another thread suggests peanut butter and wholemeal bread. Cut it into soldiers and graze on it. Try having hot milk too.
X Sarah

Hi gardenparty

I lost a stone and a half during chemo and rads and was really worried as I got far too thin. However a few months after the end of rads my appetite started coming back - with a vengance. Now, a year later, the weight is all back on again; in fact I’ve started going to the gym so I don’t put any more on! I hope you find this encouraging rather than alarming!

Lilac x

Hi all
Didnt say anything about my loss of appetite,as i feel had so many SE with chemo and didnt want to make myself known,want to blend into the background and not have any fuss. will take sarahs advice
and have soup, hope to get back on track with that.

As the days go with RT my under arm is getting painfull and very stiff. have worked out that i have to do the exercises every half hr, which helps,this will go on for many weeks after RT has finished.
Was having a bad hair day so went to my hairdressers and had first hair cut, since March last year, made me feel good. Know i have wondered off the appetite subject lol.

Thanks al for your tips Yvonne xxx

Today is the first day that I have felt peckish and have been marauding round the cupboards looking for snacks! I am two weeks post rads now, not including the three boosts. I think it helps that there seems to be Definate improvement in my burn and I slept a lot better last night :sunglasses: