loss of appetite

Has anyone completely lost their appetite with metastatic breast cancer ? Its not my chemo which has finished I lost my appetite in February which is why I started getting tests and metastatic breast cancer was discovered in April having to force myself to eat its terrible and weight loss is now at 3 stone. 

Hi GinaK, I lost my appetite completely for a about three months and lost a stone.  It was probably due to raised calcium levels because I have bone mets.  Also taking steroids can play havoc with your appetite after you stop taking them.    Looking at food made me feel ill and I had to force myself to get down half a slice of toast in the morning.   My appetite did come back gradually and got back to normal.  Have you seen a dietitian at your cancer centre?  I got advice about how to eat small amounts of food high in calories like Muller rice, individual trifles, individual pots of jellies etc and eating little but more often.  Also I was told to eat anything I liked and not to worry about healthy eating.  My brother in law who has stage 4 prostate cancer lost his appetite completely and virtually lived on cheesecake, sausage sandwiches and chocolate for months.   I hope things improve for you xx

Hi Gina, my weight came off during treatment but, unfortunately is back on and some! However, I have a friend who suffered a similar weight loss and she received a lot of support to get her weight up. She had high levels of calcium in her blood. She was given a protein drink supplement which she managed . Other than that it was little and often. Soft foods mostly, not highly spiced. She found that she was better with pre prepared foods so she saved her energy for eating and not food prep. I think you should consider seeking some medical help as you seem to be out on a limb. It could be an over active thyroid, or other medical condition, but 3 stone is a lot. X