loss of libido - which antihormone therapy is best?

I had loss of libido (no desire for sex, no orgasms) on Letrozole; symptoms improved when I stopped for 2 months and returned when I restarted so I am sure it is that, not just being postmenopausal. I have been offered Exemestane (Aromasin) or Tamoxifen as alternatives (or of course I could stop taking anything and increase the risk of recurrence/death). Anyone got any suggestions as to which anti-oestrogens have least effect on libido? Thanks.

Hi Maggie09 I am post meno (ooph in feb) and on Tamox. It works differently to an AI, in that it doesn’t block all the estrogen in your body. So it might be better than an AI for libido. Maybe give tamox a try for a couple of months to see how you get on?
My libido seems ok, just certain lubricant issues that are taken care of with yes products :slight_smile:
Good luck, and I’d be interested to hear if there are any alternatives too.
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My oncologist said I could have Ovestin cream to deal with the dryness problem, but only if I’m taking Tamoxifen, not on Letrozole, because of the different way the drugs work.

The Ovestin puts a very small amount of oestrogen into your system, but apparently this is OK with Tamoxifen because that stops it binding to any stray cancer cells which may still be lurking in your body.

I’ve found the cream a huge improvement, I’d just about gone off sex altogether, but now it’s comfortable and fun again.