Loss of libido

This is a bit embarassing…

Please tell me I’m not the only one??? How are people combating this? Need some tips because it’s really having a negative effect on mine and hubby’s relationship…


No your not the only one. Me and hubby are in our 50’s but only been married a couple of years so we were still in the “honeymoon” period when the breast cancer got me. I had lumpectomy, then another op for armpit nodes, awful chemo and then rads. Now I’m 2 months into 5 years of Arimidex. My libido has been very slow to come back, and it makes me feel worse cos my hubby has been so wonderful and supportive and still finds me attractive. I love him to bits but have some sort of mental block about getting too intimate. However we’ve talked about it and I’ve said maybe he should “play hard to get” and I wouldn’t feel so pressured and sometimes I do get carried away and really enjoy lovemaking but I must admit it’s not that often.
I wish you luck
Anyone with any ideas I’d love to know :slight_smile:

Got Lymphoedema in the breast and cellulitis at the moment so feel even less “in the mood” at the moment :wink:

Helen xxx


me too, im only 37 and now feel like ill never have a relationship ever again after having ovary ablation and on arimidex…i might as well be 80 as i have nop sexual desire at all and would rather have a cuppa tea to be honest!but its also upsetting as its having such a negative impact on how i c myself, i no longer feel desirable or sexy so i ve given up and accepted destined to be alone and celibate!
would love a magic pill to make me feel how i used too!

ladies at least u have supportive partners im on my own and cant even have a cuddle!

urs bridget jones!!! aka kate xx

I am a lady in my late 50s who was having trouble with low libido even before the bc was diagnosed. Now on Arimidex I still have absolutely no interest in sex, even though I have a lovely partner who still finds me attractive and has been a treasure throughout my recent diagnosis etc. I can totally identify with you Kokki when you say you perfer a cuppa - me too! By the way you are a very attractive young women and I’m sure there would be many a guy interested in you, so please don’t give up. Have you mentioned this to yr bcn?
Probably like the rest of you I do not want this part of my life to be over but I can’t seem to get restarted and see it as more of a chore. Anyone out there suddenly re-ignited the spark?!

Hi all

This subject comes up a lot, so no need to be embarassed!

I think the bottom line is that bc treatment, particularly for hormone sensitive tumours destroys, suppresses, blocks… in short thoroughly messes up the oestrogen upon which so much of our sex drive seems to depend.

Some oncs will prescribe topical oestrogen, some won’t. Products such as Sylk, KY Jelly and Replens can alleviate dryness, but if you’re like me and feel there’s rather more to your body than treating it as a rusty lock, this only solves part of the problem.

I don’t know the answer and I haven’t yet encountered a doctor (of either sex) who can come up with anything more than artificial lubrication as a solution.

Roll on LRT (Libido Replacement Therapy), I say.

X to all



I recently took part in an article for a magazine called ‘Healthy’( out in their shops at the moment) produced by Holland and Barrett but i can PM a copy of the article to anyone who wants it. I decided to take part because for me BC took away a massive part of my life. I had not long got over the split of a 24 year relationship and was just into a new loving relationship where sex at 47 was wonderful and wosh away it was taken. I spoke to a great Gynocologist and he has perscribed Vagifem for me ( small pessaries) but i know they are not suitable for everyone.

I am working hard at trying to lose the chemo weight and round mr blobby chemo face so i can try and feel sexy again.

love rhian xxx