Loss of voice & green Urine!!

I’m going mad, can someone help!! I had lumpectomy 06/10 with 3/15 lymphs +ve, chemo, rads, tamoxifen.
Since November my voice has been hoarse. Was really bad over Xmas, now comes and goes. GP sending me to ENT on Monday for camera down my nose. Also had a bit of neck ache (on treated side) Apart from this I have had a feeling of something stuck under my ribs, and a general ache to the right hand side. I have also noticed that for a while now my urine has a tinge of green to it… I’m really worrying that it’s my liver. Think I had last bloods done in November time and all was clear. I also had a chest xray in December as I couldn’t get rid of a cough/wheeeze, but that too was clear.I feel like I am turning into a hypochondriac, and don’t like to mention half of my symptoms to my GP, as I feel like a complete and utter loon!! But then I also do have physical symptoms.
I’ve tried to keep off the forums as I drive myself crazy looking everything up, but need a bit of advice… Please xxxx

Hi LilyFB,

My voice has changed since having treatment in particular herceptin affects my vocal cords making me sound hoarse and sometimes makes me breathless and coughs and I also have lung mets so it can be very scary, my onc confirmed that is probably was the SE of herceptin, not sure about the green wee, probably worth taking a sample in for them. Sorry can’t help anymore than that.
Sending you love and light
sarahlousie xx

Sweet heart try to relax your self first and then talk to you GP in detail tell her what is happening to you what you are feeling.

Thank you! Got apt to see consultant tomorrow at 9.15am… For us to have a chat, him feel my tummy and probably scan me. Wish me luck xxx

Just read your post regarding your hoarsness and lost of voice i had similar problems whilst on tammoxifin. had chest xrays which was clear also visit to ent specilist but could not find what the cause of the problem was came off tammoxifin for a while problem cleared up eventually i was asked to go back on it and symptoms returned so onc agreed that tammoxifin was not suitable for me so because im pre menopausal there is no other preventative medication i can have.sure your onc will be able to advise you.

Fingers crossed for you Lily.