Lost my taste - normal?

Hi all,

I’ve just had 4 rounds of TAC chemo with 2 left to go, but I can’t seem to taste anything anymore. Everything is just so bland and yuck and I’m craving loads of salty foods and spicy foods just in the hope of having a satisfying meal.

Is this normal?? If so when will I get taste back as its really annoying!!


mummy29 x

Hi Mummy29,
Yes it is normal, but it will pass. There are some wonderful tips on a thread somewhere (sorry I don’t know where). I found it was trial and error. I spent a lot of time rinsing my mouth with strong mouth wash
Take care of yourself in the knowledge that it will pass once your treatment is over
Maria x

Hi all.

Below is the link to “Top tips for getting through chemo”, which I think is probably the one you are referring to marial.


Hope this helps

Very best wishes

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I just ate mints by the packet full, which probably wasn’t the best thing for nutritional value. It’s very difficult to feel like eating anything when everything you put in your mouth tastes like sponge. It’s quite a odd feeling. The only thing I can say is my taste came back very quickly after chemo finished so hopefully it will for you too.

Hi mummy, this brought back memories as I was the only one in my chemo group who craved spicy food and managed to eat it. I have to admit that there was one night where I made chilli and my mouth was so sore that I poured ice cubes and sour cream into the bowl as I was in agony trying to chew it but really wanted the taste. My other half was looking at me stupid but I couldn’t explain the feeling. I also ate loads of Stilton cheese, fennel salami and salted crisps. Peppermint aero in the early hours of the morning staved off chemo sicky feelings as well! Xx

i am sure today on another thread i read that someone had suddenly got back their sense of taste and found it one of the few benefits of the treatment

Hi - it is normal. By the end of my chemo, everything tasted as though it was covered in custard!! My mouth and tongue were really sore. I’m pleased to say my taste came back within a couple of weeks at the end of chemo.

Beverley xx