Lost postings


I have just lost another rather long posting “in the ether”. I would describe myself as very computer literate.

The lost post just happened to cross with one from another forum user and I wonder if your “system” cannot handle two people post to the same thread at the same time?


Hi Regina,

Sorry you lost your post.

We will do some tests but I believe phpBB can handle multi-posts on the same thread at the same time.

And I will keep an eye on the posts to see I can find 2 posts made at the same time on the same thread.



I too have ‘lost’ threads and as I am a slow typist I have found this really frustrating.
I don’t know what it is I might have been doing wrong but to ensure that it doesn’t happen again I now COPY my post before attempting to send it. - tedious but worth it.

This has happened to me loads of times - think the system times out as it is always after writing up a very long post!
I also always copy what I have done before posting it

Hi all

Nt just long postings get lost, but also postings long in the making (ie sometimes I chew over them before hitting the submit button). Infuriating and sad - as I rarely bother to retype the post, so my little pearls of wisdom :slight_smile: get lost. I too have taken to copying posts before sending them. Or composing them first in Word and then pasting them into the post box.

Alison x