Lost voice!!!

Hi all

I just wondered if anyone else has had problems with losing their voice post treatment? After the first FEC I got a sore throat and a raspy voice after my 2nd again I had the sore throat but this time my voice is almost non-existent!! Bit annoying seeing as I love to talk! even more annoying that I can’t sing!!!


Hi Bird,
Sorry to hear you are having problems with your voice, as for your singing, well some may be grateful for that!! Lol
I have had 3 FEC and my first TAX, although the throat is sore, the voice is still there!! which some say is a shame!!

My friend had 3 FEC and just had her 2nd TAX after each she had a very bad throat, and was taken into hospital for 5 days, and given antibiotics.
So please make sure you haven’t got an infection.
Love the photo
Sandra x

Hi Everyone,

I have had my 3rd TAC, and still have a really bad sore throat. Tried everything, but nothing seems to work on it. It feels like I have something stuck in it - glad to know I’m not alone.

Dotty2 xx

Hi Girls

Thanks for you replies. Comforting to know its not just me! I sound abit like Deirdre Barlow after a night on the booze and after 40 marlboro!!! I have been checking my temp and so far all ok - so I don’t think its an infection - my throat isn’t red and my chest is clear as a whistle. Well it had better not be an infection cuz I am going away camping this weekend and am very much looking forward to getting away!

I am trying the honey and cinnamon trick to see if it helps - might try a shot of brandy later (just the one and purely for medicinal reasons!! Apparently gargling aspirin is a good one too - might do that too!

Chat soon