lost voice ?

i am almost 3 weeks past my 1st epi, not been to bad with se but i have lost my voice my throat dont hurt at all but i do have a bark of a chough has any one else had this kind of se or do you think its something more ( tbf did look on net but i didnt like wot i read so aint going there lol )
maz x

Not heard of this one before (sorry, that sounds like an awful pun)… but the best advice I was given during chemo was by the ward: If it’s enough to worry you at home, then it’s enough to worry us about - in other words, contact the ward and ask. Chances are you’ve picked up a bit of laryngitis whilst your immune system is low, but think how much better you’ll feel once you know that for sure :slight_smile:

Nag over… big hugs, hope your voice comes back soon

Sophie xx

Soory about the voice - it’s awful not being able to communicate except in a rough weak growl. I lost my voice in 2000 - non bc related - folowing having to be intubated while under a geneeral anasthetic. they couldn’t find anything wrong - I was being treated privately so literally got whisked from one consultant to another, and it was eventually concluded by speech therapist I had shock. I’ll be honest - I didn’t believe her, but we went on holday in eth January on safari, and I spoke to a woman whose mothe rhad lost her voice when her fathe rdied - very little other ‘reaction’ in terms of grieving, just no voice due to shock. My loss lasted 11 weeks and 2 days and teh first word I said audibly was ‘giraffe’!!

It may be your body has gone into shock due to the chemo - just at thought which might not otherwise occur.

Best of luck tho.

I’m so glad to see this, as it’s happened to me too. Am on different drugs, so nothing in common there. But my voice too is very hoarse-and doesn’t hurt. I think in part it’s due to a thin discharge (“runny mucous”!!), along with nose bleeds, as I’m on herceptin. It feels as if it is draining down my throat as well as my nose. It’s not painful, but very annoying. I can clear it briefly and temporarily-but it seems to happen again and again.

I have heard mention of “chemo cough”, but I would agree with Trip, get on the phone and whisper at them, there may be something specific they can help sort out for you.

elaine thats how my voice is and i too have runny nose . i have been to see my gp today and he can not find a thing wrong chest is clear but while there i started choughing so he could hear and see for himself he has given me a ventolin evohaler to see if that helps at all he thinks that from having chemo my lungs are just sensitive as just walking outside can start me off so ill just have to see how it goes but i will be ringing if it gets to much , just wish the choughing would give up, i chough that much im starting to wee myself lol which is annoying cos i dont want to go to far from home now
maz xx

Yes-forgot to mention that a change in temperature sets me off too, and can make me feel quite breathless, which is distressing. A steamy bathroom does the same too. I’m actually quite relieved to find someone with similair symptoms-although I hope that the meds help you and that it will clear up soon-for both of us!

Hi ladies, I lost my voice totally 19 days ago! Did have a chest infection and still got cough. For the last couple of days it has wanted to return but then withdraws again! I do have a tendency to suffer from Laryngitis but my Onc nurse suggested I go back to GP to get referral to ear/nose/throat specialist as it is dragging on. My bloods were fine so had chemo today, but going to see GP tomorrow. It is worrying and starting to think it may be linked to treatment:(

Adi I had first lot of placitaxol/ carboplatin last wk I have hardly no voice it tends to come and go it must be treatment hardly any probs before gd luck laura

Hi, I had laryngitis some time back with FEC when it was tree pollen season as well, and it’s grass pollen season now. The Onc told me that this is a possible side effect of chemo, but I’d still phone or ask about it if you have an appointment soon. If you have a fever or feel fluy, of course you must phone your chemo number at once.


Thanks Cheryl and Laura. Apart from chest infection for which I was given antibiotics I have not had a temperature. Bloods have been fine but will speak with GP just in case. Reassuring though to know someone else affected, but three weeks without a voice is frustrating to say the least!! Will let you know outcome. Adi