Lou22 new member

Hi everyone.  I have just joined the forum.  My history is TNBC in 2008 , followed by wide local excision,  chemo and radiotherapy.  Fast forward to October 2021 , recurrence in same side requiring mastectomy.  TNBC  again but no chemo or radiotherapy this time x 

I am currently waiting for a ct scan and nerve conduction tests . I am really anxious about secondaries.  Experiencing rib, back , neck ,radiating into head , and shoulder pain. May be after effects of surgery but such a worry. 

Any advice gratefully received.  Love Lou22

Welcome Lou , I think we all think the worst when we have anything out of the ordinary going on , it’s hard not to isn’t it .I had pain in both my thighs which I was worried about for months , I expected the worst when I eventually went to GP and orthopaedics but despite their suspicions also it turned out to be a bone condition causing stress fractures . 
You could post in the daily life after breast cancer section if you would like to chat to people whilst you go through this worrying time . Best wishes Jill x