Love reading postings they inspire me to go on with chemo.

Love reading postings they inspire me to go on with chemo.

Love reading postings they inspire me to go on with chemo. Although i am not at this stage yet as i am still having treatment the postings are a great encouragement to me.

Liked the ones about going back to work, as with 2 chemos to go it has been cropping up in my mind alot.

I work in a nursery with very disturbed children and alwasy short staffed and chaotic found it hard before this so wonder if i will cope.

anyone in a similar situation?

I have thought of quitting and just doing some voluntary work and enjoyin myself but not sure as we support kids in uni and it is as anyone who has done it knows expensive.

think ya all fab


Hi Ruth,

Don’t give up the day job just yet. Give yourself time to heal. You will get there. I had chemo , mastectomy ect in 1999, It didn’t take too long for me to get back to normal again. I know everyone is different, but just see how you get on.

This time round I have still worked through my chemo, it had made me tired but I hate just sitting around. I have three weeks of radio coming up soon, and I will take a few weeks off for that, only because I have to travel to have it and it will take up most of the day anyway.

Once yor chemo is over you will be able to see how you feel. My last one was last week and I felt grotty up until yesterday, but feel so happy now…really happy.

If after your treatment you feel like giving up on your job, then you can decide. I do hope you get back to some kind of ’ normal’ life again. I am sure you will.

Best wishes.
Love Carole.xx

Work I have not worked during chemo - I couldn’t have done and will stay off till reds are done in appx oct.

Bear in mind that working with kids you will exposed to infection - I ended up in hospital with a bad cold/chest infection during chemo when I had no recollectiuon going near any germs whatsoever!

I work at a shool for disturbed kids and although only in the office, that inself is a minefield when one is well!

Be kind to yourself and take what time out you need - don’t push yourself, I have find the extreme tiredness from the chemo just builds up and up.

If you are on sick pay from work then I would not think of resigning until you know how you fel once you are back to “normal” - we are protected by the Disability Discrimination Act although others can tell you more about that than I tey have to keep your job open.

Good luck!

Good News Hi Ruth

Just seen your other posting re bone scans, great news!!!

Im 4/5 weeks from finish of chemo, I lost my job through bc and never thought anyone would employ me again. 2 weeks after the finish of treatment I was asked to go for an interview and got the job!! They have been wonderful which has restored my faith in human nature after being kicked out of my last job, they have agreed to let me work 15 hours a week, (that way if you are on incapacity benefit you can still continue to claim providing that you earn no more than £80.00 per week which I think will help me gradually get back into work.)

Ill let you all know how I get on with the tiredness, thats if Im not asleep.

Great news again!

Love to you all

Debbie x

Hi Ruth I’d give yourself time, before going back to work, i, as you know also work in a nursery, i wasn’t allowed to even go in there during my chemo, for fear of picking up infections.
i eventually returned to work [which was phased in] in nov., 04 after being diagnosed in jan 04.
i was completely worn out for first few weeks, takes along time to get your energy levels back [if you ever do]
i wouldn’t rush back, i know, unfortunately it all comes down to finances,
or lack of them!!
i was kind of forced to go back, as my incapacity benefit was stopped after a medical, where the Dr.'s comment was ‘so its only the cancer that bothers you then’!!!

karen x